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The ob­vi­ously good…

Early on it’s the ob­vi­ously trick stu‘ that im­presses; Vir­tual Cock­pit’s map dis­play on the last crit­i­cal mile or two to a hard-to-†ind ad­dress, or the way the rel­e­vant dis­play on the dig­i­tal cli­mate dis­play swells in size as its cool alu­minium con­trols sense your ap­proach­ing digit. But in time, with miles and months, the love blos­soms thanks to the less overt but plainly well thought out stu‘.

Sit­ting very com­fort­ably

Fun­da­men­tal er­gonomics are all good: ad­justa­bil­ity to send the seat DTM-low; a slen­der, nicely sculpted wheel that feels McLaren-in­spired; and an el­e­gant, un­clut­tered dash that pro­motes a wel­come sense of con†ident calm. Test drive an RS5 and you’ll like its lu­di­crous turn of speed and its in­cred­i­ble trac­tion. But should you take the plunge it’ll be the in­te­rior you grow to love. BEN MILLER

Techy, ex­pen­sive­feel­ing and plush

Plan­ning to take the †ight to Audi? In­gol­stadt has chinks in its ar­mour but its in­te­ri­ors aren’t one of them. It’s be­come a cliche, like great pedal weights in Porsches, but cliches can’t grow from dust: and Audi re­ally is the mas­ter of the pre­mium cabin. (For now at least; on the new, touch­screen-heavy era, de­buted in the new A8, the jury’s still at lunch.)

…and the less ob­vi­ous but still good

…like the handy o‘ but­ton for the in­fo­tain­ment screen, so that when you’re tired and know where you’re go­ing you can kill its glare. There’s also a user-de†ined but­ton on the steer­ing wheel that I’ve set to tog­gle drive modes, let­ting me op­ti­mise the set-up – F1-driver style – on the †ly and with­out look­ing by ca­su­ally prod­ding it with my thumb.

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