Evening Times : 2020-07-10

SPORT TIMES : 40 : 40


INSIDE NEW GERS MAN READY TO GIVE HIS ALL DONS ACE KNOCKS BACK BIG MONEY OFFER Cosgrove turns down French club after Aberdeen accept £2.7m bid No. 44,419 MARK HENDRY has unfinished at the club. The shock offer came in earlier this week and was reluctantl­y accepted by Aberdeen, who will be happy to keep hold of their star man. It is understood an aspect of the potential transfer which also worked against the French club is that their transfer deadline was Wednesday evening, giving the player just one day to decide on his future. Cosgrove scored 23 goals in 37 matches last season in all competitio­ns, and is currently being monitored by other clubs including in Italy and England. business 30.Smear (6) 31.Ready for business (4) 32.Turns turtle (8) 33.Female sibling (6) 15.Holy book of Islam (5) 18.To coil (5) 19.Obtain (3) 20.Hairstyle (3) 21.Spanish drink (7) 22.Observe (3) 23.Military trainees (6) 24.__ McGregor, actor (4) 25.To toil (6) 26.Protective eye covering (5) 27.Run away to wed (5) 28. Energy, liveliness (3) 30.Employer (4) ACROSS A 1. Scribble (6) 7. Renounce the throne (8) 8. Hits lightly (4) 10.Give rise to (6) 11.Concurs (6) 14.Definite article (3) 16.Pass on (5) 17. Eyelid inflammati­on (4) 19.Putrefy (2,3) 21.Whey (5) 22.Devil (5) 23.Prisoner's room (4) 26.Clean feathers (5) 28.Dog's foot (3) 29. State without proof (6) BERDEEN striker Sam Cosgrove has rejected a move to French football with Guingamp after the Dons accepted a bid for his services. Cosgrove was the subject of an official bid which was lodged by the Ligue 2 club, believed to be in the region of £2.7million. The bid was comprised of a £2.3m fee up front, with a further £400,000 in performanc­e-related add-ons. However, the 23-yearold opted against leaving Pittodrie as he feels he DOWN 1. Guides (6) 2. Army helicopter (6) 3. Only remaining (4) 4. Drawing (7) 5. Ship of the desert (5) 6. Untidy (5) 8. Sympathy (4) 9. Neckwear item (3) 12.Colour (3) 13.Artist's stand (5) Published by Newsquest (Herald & Times) Ltd, 200 Renfield Street, Glasgow G2 3QB. Printed at 125 Fullarton Dr, Glasgow G32 8FG. Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office.

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