Duck pan­cakes with hoi sin and cu­cum­ber

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For the duck 1tbsp sea salt

½tbsp Sichuan pep­per­corns 4 duck breast fil­lets, skin on and ten­der­loin re­moved

For the pan­cakes 500g plain flour, plus ex­tra for dust­ing

3tbsp sesame oil

To serve 2 cu­cum­bers

1 bunch spring onions, white part only, cleaned and trimmed 1 quan­tity pan­cake sauce (see recipe, right) spice grinder zip-lock bags deep fryer bam­boo steamer food ther­mome­ter Dry-roast the salt and Sichuan pep­per­corns in a small fry­ing pan for 1-2 min­utes over a medium heat un­til fra­grant. Al­low to cool then blitz in a spice grinder.

Lightly sprin­kle both sides of the duck breasts with the salt mix. Place them in a zip-lock bag and sit in a saucepan full of wa­ter to poach at 70C for 1½ hours.

Lift the bag out of the wa­ter and al­low to cool for 10 min­utes be­fore set­ting in iced wa­ter.

To make the pan­cakes, place the flour in a bowl. Slowly add 345ml boil­ing wa­ter and mix with a wooden spoon in one di­rec­tion.

When it’s cool enough to han­dle, knead the dough for 5 min­utes un­til smooth.

Cover with a damp cloth or cling film and al­low to rest for 30 min­utes. Di­vide the dough into 3 pieces and roll into cylin­ders. Cut each cylin­der into 10 pieces then roll each piece into a ball and press into a flat disc. Brush the top of a disc with sesame oil and place an­other on top of the brushed sur­face.

Use a rolling pin to flat­ten the two discs into 12cm cir­cles.

Cook the pan­cakes a pair at a time in a dry fry­ing pan over a low-medium heat.

When brown spots start to ap­pear on the un­der­side, flip over and cook un­til brown spots ap­pear on the other side.

Lift the pan­cake out of the pan and gen­tly peel apart. Stack them on a plate and re­peat with the rest of the dough. You should have about 30 pan­cakes.

Set the deep fryer to 170C. Cut the cu­cum­ber in half length­ways, scrape out the seeds then slice into 5cm ba­tons.

Cut the spring onions in half length­ways and place in a dish with the cu­cum­ber.

Re­move the duck breasts from the bag and gen­tly wipe off any con­gealed juices with kitchen paper. Cook in the deep fryer for 4 min­utes. Re­move and drain on kitchen paper and al­low to rest for 3 min­utes.

Set up the bam­boo steamer. Fan out 12 pan­cakes in the steamer bas­ket and steam for

1-2 min­utes un­til heated through.

Slice each duck breast length­ways into 6 pieces and serve along­side the pan­cakes, cu­cum­ber, spring onions and pan­cake sauce.

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