Boss blew £16K tak­ings at casino


A PUB boss with a gam­bling prob­lem blew his tak­ings at a casino – then told po­lice the cash was stolen, a court heard.

David John­son fit­tered away £15,852.99 in just a few hours af­ter steal­ing cash from the tills of the four pubs he man­aged.

The 35-year-old then told po­lice some­one had bro­ken into his car and nicked the money he’d in­tended to bank.

But the dad-of-three was forced to ad­mit he was re­spon­si­ble when po­lice found CCTV footage of him gam­bling the cash.

New­cas­tle Crown Court heard how ear­lier he had blown £600 of his wages.

The judge said John­son, of Shire­moor, North Ty­ne­side, had shown re­morse for his ac­tions and was now get­ting help for a gam­bling ad­dic­tion.

He sen­tenced him to 12 months for theft and six months for per­vert­ing the course of jus­tice, sus­pended two years. AF­TER rap­ing her and con­ning her out of her share of the fac­tory Carla has more mo­tives than most.

When she faced him af­ter dis­cov­er­ing the fac­tory deal was a set-up he then threat­ened to rape her again.

Cops will treat her as a prime sus­pect. SALLY’S ex Kevin was livid when he found out what Frank had done to his for­mer wife.

And af­ter down­ing some booze in the Rovers he said: “I’ll rip him apart with me bare hands.”

Cops will point the fin­ger. FI­ESTY Michelle was fu­ri­ous when she dis­cov­ered Frank had duped her pal Carla out of her fac­tory.

Later this week view­ers will see her con­fess she stole the con­tract sign­ing over Carla’s share.

Could she be the mur­derer? POOR Sally was left heart­bro­ken when she re­alised Frank was us­ing her and had been two-tim­ing with her busi­ness­woman Jenny Sum­ner.

He cru­elly dumped her and left her ter­ri­fied by threat­en­ing her when she told him she would ex­pose his scam. BUSI­NESS­WOMAN Jenny Sum­ner was hav­ing a fling with Frank as well as work­ing with him to dupe Carla into sign­ing over the fac­tory.

The pair were all set to sail off to­gether be­fore Frank’s un­timely death.

Could it be she heard his rape con­fes­sion? DIE-HARD fans have shunned the book­mak­ers’ favourites and reckon evil rapist Frank Foster was mur­dered by his MUM.

Mil­lions saw the vile Un­der­world boss ly­ing in a pool of blood on the fac­tory floor in Mon­day night’s dou­ble bill.

Coro­na­tion Street pro­duc­ers have of­fi­cially lined up six sus­pects – Carla, Michelle, Peter, Sally, Kevin and Jenny.

But ac­tor An­drew Lancel, who played Frank, said view­ers should not rule out ANY mem­bers of the Weather­field cast.

And book­ies Wil­liam Hill have con­firmed sus­pi­cious pun­ters are show­ing more in­ter­est in “any­one other” than the ac­cused five.

Lancel told This Morn­ing that the truth will be re­vealed be­fore the month is over.

He said: “It’s in a few weeks. I’ll prob­a­bly get in trou­ble, but I think it’s soon af­ter his fu­neral.”

Gam­bling pun­ters are fo­cus­ing their at­ten­tion on Anne Foster, who Street watch­ers reckon she is firmly in the frame since she overheard Frank threaten Carla over the phone.

It’s also pos­si­ble she may have been in the fac­tory to hear Frank snarl he’d rape Carla again. That would have made her re­alise Frank WAS re­spon­si­ble for the rape claim stress that brought on the heart at­tack that killed hubby Sam.

A Wil­liam Hill spokesman said: “Most peo­ple seem to think the five ‘of­fi­cial’ ac­cused are merely red her­ring to di­vert at­ten­tion away from the iden­tity of the true killer.”

The cur­rent odds are: 2/1 Carla; 3/1 Any­one else; 4/1 Michelle; 5/1 Peter Bar­low; 8/1 Kevin; 8/1 Sally; 10/1 Kirk; 20/1 John Stape.


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