With­out Frogs’ help Argies couldn’t have launched Falk­land mis­siles

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A SE­CRET team of French engineers helped the Ar­gen­tini­ans launch the deadly Ex­o­cet mis­siles which killed 45 Bri­tish sailors dur­ing the Falk­lands War, it has been re­vealed.

Of­fi­cially, the Frogs were our al­lies dur­ing the 1982 con­flict, im­pos­ing an arms em­bargo on the Argies.

But while Gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials were pub­li­cally back­ing Bri­tain, the State-owned de­fence com­pany Das­sault were in Ar­gentina help­ing our en­emy.

But with­out their in­ter­ven­tion, three of the five French-sold mis­sile used to sink HMS Sh­effield and SS At­lantic Con­veyor would have been duds.

And that would have com­pletely changed the way the war un­folded.

The Das­sault team leader Herve Colin ad­mits: “Three of the launch­ers failed. We lo­cated the prob­lem and that was it. The rest was sim­ple.”

Fran­cois Heis­bourg, then se­cu­rity ad­viser to the French Min­is­ter of De­fence, Charles Hernu, in­sists that his gov­ern­ment did not know that the tech­ni­cal team was there.

He said: “This was not what was sup­posed to be done. It’s bor­der­ing on an act of trea­son, or dis­obe­di­ence to an em­bargo.”

Bri­tain’s de­fence sec­re­tary at the time, Sir John Nott, said: “We asked Mit­ter­rand not to give as­sis­tance to the Ar­gen­tini­ans.

“If you’re ask­ing me: ‘ Are the French du­plic­i­tous peo­ple?’ the an­swer is: ‘Of course they are, and they al­ways have been.’”

SANK-RE BLEU! HMS Sh­effield

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