Mozza in a coma? YES PLEASE!!!

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YOU know you’re in the right when­ever you find your­self dis­agree­ing with a sin­gle f***ing thing that comes out of Mor­ris­sey’s mealy mouth.

Girl­friend In A Coma? pre­fer mine awake. Most of the time, any­way. Meat Is Mur­der? No, it’s not. Ian Brady’s a mur­derer. The York­shire Rip­per, too. I’m not. Meat is food, you daft c**t. I’ll have mine rare with ex­tra blood – and make it f***ing snappy.

And his lat­est state­ment of ut­most c**tish­ness?

On stage in Ar­gentina in a flow­ery shirt, bleat­ing in his vile Man­cu­nian whinge: “You know, of course, the Malv­inas Is­lands.

“Ev­ery­body knows they be­long to Ar­gentina so please do not blame the Bri­tish peo­ple, we know the is­lands be­long to you.”

For those of you who aren’t try­ing to sell records to de­pressed Ar­gen­tinian stu­dents car­ry­ing a Span­ish edi­tion of The F***ing Guardian un­der their world-weary el­bows, the “Malv­inas” this dreary tosser refers to are oth­er­wise known by their proper name, the Falk­land Is­lands.

At var­i­ous times since the Big Bang there have been French, Bri­tish, Span­ish and in­deed Ar­gen­tine set­tle­ments on this lit­tle clus­ter of rocks near South Amer­ica. But since 1833 – that’s al­most 200 years to you,

No thanks, weirdo – I

Mor­risey. F***ing c**t!

Mozza – they’ve been ours.

And ev­ery­one who lives there, to a man and woman, de­clares them­selves Bri­tish AND PROUD OF IT!

Quite who on f***ing earth told Mor­ris­sey that “we” the Bri­tish peo­ple have given up on them, I do not know. Hang The DJ? No – hang the c**t with the mic.

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