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Dear Mor­gan, I’VE just left col­lege and I’m find­ing it hard to get a good job and make some money.

To make ends meet I’ve spent the past few weeks packing frozen meat in a fac­tory.

The ban­ter on the job makes a change from the in­tel­lec­tual de­bates of col­lege.

I re­cently dyed my brown hair blonde and I’ve al­ways been blessed with huge knock­ers.

There’s one guy who works on the pro­duc­tion line who in his early 40s, who al­ways sits and reads a book dur­ing breaks, and I get on quite well with him.

He told me he used to be a pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­pher un­til his wife di­vorced him and took him for all he was worth.

I told him of my prob­lems try­ing to find a de­cent job and he asked if I’d ever con­sid­ered mod­el­ling.

To be hon­est I had thought about it but my fam­ily are pretty stuck-up and would never let me do any­thing like that.

He said he’d re­cently been in touch with some of his old con­tacts and could get me some paid work.

So I agreed to go round to his house for a ses­sion one evening af­ter our shifts.

I had an inkling he wanted to do some top­less shots but when I got round there he’d got a whole range of kinky out­fits and sex toys out.

As I peeled off my jeans he be­gan snap­ping away on his large dig­i­tal cam­era and when I un­clipped my bra he went flash happy!

So I slipped into a col­lege girl out­fit and rubbed some baby oil on my boobs for him.

Then I found my­self slip­ping out of my knick­ers and grab­bing the big­gest dildo to plea­sure my­self with.

Next I squeezed into a leather out­fit and did some open-legged poses for him and I was get­ting turned-on and al­most for­got he was there tak­ing pics of me.

To fin­ish off I pulled on a pair of stock­ings and got down on my knees to give him a blow job while he snapped away at me cheek­ily look­ing up and wink­ing for the cam­era.

When we’d fin­ished he ended up bend­ing me over a couch and bang­ing me from be­hind.

The next day at work he re­vealed that he’d set up an­other cam­era and had re­layed the whole thing live on the in­ter­net!

He said we’d got 5,000 hits and peo­ple were now mes­sag­ing him and want­ing to buy high def­i­ni­tion clips from our ses­sion.

I was shocked but he of­fered me £200 for an­other go, so I agreed.

Do you think I’m do­ing the right thing?

KH, West Mid­lands Mor­gan says: MY girl­friend is a rav­ing nympho­ma­niac and I am find­ing it hard to keep up with her con­stant de­mand for sex.

I work hard at my job as a mo­tor me­chanic and when I get home I’m usu­ally pretty knack­ered.

But as soon as I walk in the door she’s there, stark naked on the rug and ex­pos­ing her shaven fanny. She won’t even let me take my boots off be­fore she’s got my dick out, play­ing with it un­til it’s rock-hard.

Then she starts lick­ing and nib­bling on the sen­si­tive tip of it, which she knows drives me ab­so­lutely wild.

Be­fore long I’m pump­ing away at her with my balls slap­ping against her ar­secheeks. She then brings me my tea but while I am shov­el­ling down my grub she fin­gers her­self to or­gasm next to me and rubs my cock again.

By the time I’ve eaten I’ve got a boner again and I give her an­other good shaft­ing.

Later she runs me a bath, washes me all over and climbs in for soapy sex.

We go to bed at about 11.30pm and have more bonk ac­tion. We al­ways do a 69er and she loves it when I lick her out.

Even­tu­ally, at about 2am, she falls asleep and I fi­nally get some peace. I have to be up again at 7am so I’m al­ways shat­tered. What can I do?

HD, North London Mor­gan says: BRI­TAIN’S most out­ra­geous writer is here to an­swer your sex prob­lems.

Vikki Dark caused a sen­sa­tion with her hit book

And, although the au­thor is keep­ing her iden­tity a strict se­cret, she’ll be an­swer­ing one reader let­ter in

each week. Email her now at vikki­dark@sun­daysport. or through face­ dark1 or Twit­ter =!/vikki­dark7 I NEVER thought many women would send let­ters in to the Mid­week Sport as I al­ways saw the pa­per be­ing more for men – with all the pics of sexy top­less women.

But I’ve read your sexy book and felt com­pelled to write in as I’m a lit­tle con­cerned about some­thing that hap­pened to me re­cently.

A cou­ple of weeks ago I was strolling down the high street in my area on a Satur­day af­ter­noon when the gor­geous win­dow dis­play at a sex shop caught my eye.

In­side I saw lots of naughty un­der­wear and I es­pe­cially loved the crotch­less knick­ers – I’ve never seen them be­fore, as I’m only 19.

Then I no­ticed the mas­sive col­lec­tion of vi­bra­tors that dec­o­rated the walls and a pretty red­head as­sis­tant ap­peared hold­ing a long pink rub­ber cock in her hand.

She smiled and placed the vi­brat­ing willy in my hand which sent sexy shiv­ers through me.

Then the lady in­vited me into the chang­ing rooms and pulled the cur­tain be­hind us and next thing you know we were French kiss­ing.

I was so turned-on that I started to touch her boobs and bum which she re­turned the favour by slid­ing her hand down my knick­ers.

As I squeezed gen­tly on her fab­u­lous boobs, I felt the buzz of the rub­ber cock against my crotch as the red­head rubbed its tip against my fanny.

She then parted my panties so that she could work the sex toy into me prop­erly. I al­most quiv­ered with de­light as she started to ram it harder in and out of me.

But the thing I’m wor­ried about is whether I’m a les­bian as I’ve had lots of boys but never en­joyed sex that much in the past – un­til this lat­est en­counter. What do you think?

Jane, London I UN­DER­STAND what it’s like to ques­tion your own sex­u­al­ity. It’s not just men who get turned-on by a woman’s body – so I guess that’s why you bought

Love Vikki x

Dear Mor­gan,

STOP boast­ing.

Dear Mor­gan,

NO – ask for at least a grand! Don’t be a wimp and thank your lucky stars she thinks you are such a de­sir­able sex ob­ject. Dear Mor­gan, TAKE up her kind of­fer and then give the pair of them a good see­ing-to.

Dear Vikki,

Your lust for women – and sex toys – is noth­ing to be ashamed of. Just have fun!

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