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I’M off to sunny Spain this week, folks, so I won’t be on Red Light Cen­tral.

I’ve got a house in Mar­bella so what I’m plan­ning in­stead is lots of saucy we­b­cam work on my Adult­work page.

If you would like to see me frol­ick­ing by the pool and sip­ping a cock­tail or two un­der a palm tree, go to my web­page, www.adult­work.com/ lin­sey­dawnof­fi­cial I’VE got a fan­tasy to share with you. I want to shag a Star Wars stormtrooper!

It’s come af­ter I did my mem­o­ra­bilia show at the NEC in Birm­ing­ham last week.

There was loads of mad stuff there, with peo­ple dressed as Daleks and the Stig, but what re­ally did it for me was all the Star Wars char­ac­ters there.

I re­ally fan­cied the Stormtroop­ers. I think it’s the plas­tic box they have over their wil­lies, it makes me think about what’s lurk­ing be­hind it.

And it re­ally gives my minge a twinge! They talk through mi­cro­phones in this sexy Amer­i­can ac­cent too and it didn’t half get me go­ing.

There was a guy there dressed as Darth Vader as well, and I couldn’t re­sist ask­ing his wife if she’d ever bonked him in his uni­form.

She said she hadn’t as there was so much ma­te­rial to get through – by the time she got to his willy she wasn’t in the mood. I was very dis­ap­pointed. So I’m think­ing of get­ting my Mark a Stormtrooper out­fit and hav­ing a bit of rumpy in it and get him to talk like one too. I reckon it’d be a right laugh! I LOVED Bour­bon on

It’s great see­ing a glam­our girl on a show like that.

And Si­mon Cow­ell seemed to like her too. I don’t think she could win though. Imag­ine the Queen watch­ing her!

Prince Phillip would like her though, and Prince Harry too!

Speak­ing of Roy­als, I love that Prince Wil­liam flew by Easyjet the other day. Him and Kate re­ally are in touch with the Bri­tish peo­ple.

Not like Charles and Camilla. They should stand down and let Wills and Kate take over! I DON’T un­der­stand all the fuss about the gov­ern­ment be­ing able to read our e mails,

I re­ally don’t care if they do. I’ve got noth­ing to hide. It’s al­ways the case with these left­ies moan­ing about peo­ple’s privacy be­ing breached.

They said the same about ID cards. But I think with all the sickos, wife beat­ers, drug deal­ers and pae­dos we have now, they would be no bad thing.

If ev­ery­one who com­mit­ted a crime had to carry a card say­ing what they had done the world would be a safer place.

It would act as a de­ter­rent as peo­ple wouldn’t want the shame of what they had done be­ing with them for life.

I’m happy for the gov­ern­ment to go through my emails. Or the po­lice. I’ve got noth­ing to hide.

In fact I reckon if the po­lice came round and read my mes­sages they would love it. There’d be plenty of trun­cheon twitch­ing! IT’S re­ally good to see Imo­gen Thomas get­ting a job on play­ing her­self.

Us glam­our mod­els get a bad press so I’m glad she’s got a job on the show to show what we’re re­ally like!

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