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Thursday, July 30, 2020 The Advertiser 24 Don’t Trash Our Future Litter is 'big problem', Don’t survey finds Our F uture almost two-thirds of people (64%). Most people thought the fine for littering should be higher than the current maximum of £150, with 16% saying it should be up to £1,000 and 18% calling for it to be higher still. The vast majority of people (97%) think their council should enforce the law against littering. InYourArea.co.uk and across our sister network of regional news websites all over the UK. Half of respondent­s (50%) perceived litter to be a big problem in their area, with a further 35% saying it was a major problem. Litter has increased since lockdown has eased according to By IN YOUR AREA T HE need for the Don't Trash Our Future campaign has been made clear in the results of a nationwide survey. Almost 8,000 people responded to a series of questions posed on 87% 83% 79% WHICH, IF ANY, TYPES OF LITTER DO YOU COME ACROSS MOST OFTEN IN YOUR LOCAL AREA? Fast food wrappers and cups Drinks can Plastic bottles TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU PERCEIVE LITTER TO BE A PROBLEM IN YOUR LOCAL AREA? 54% Plastic bags 50% 48% A big problem 1% Cigarette Butts 29% No problem 18% 32% Nitrous oxide canisters Receipts 19% Food Chewing gum stained pavement 1% None of the above 97% 35% THE MAXIMUM FINE FOR DROPPING LITTER IS CURRENTLY £150. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT SHOULD BE? 14% A small problem A major problem OF PEOPLE THINK THEIR COUNCIL SHOULD ENFORCE THE LAW ON LITTERING SINCE LOCKDOWN HAS EASED, THE AMOUNT OF LITTER IN YOUR AREA HAS… 33% 26% 64% Increased 18% 3% 16% Don-t know 7% 1% £1,000+ £501£1,000 £250£500 No charge Lower than £150 Don't know 5% Decreased 27% Sign the petition and help us tackle the litter problem: Stayed the same www.inyourarea.co.uk/dtof

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