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The Advertiser Thursday, July 30, 2020 9 Life’s a gas as police dog trio embark on new career ● BY LEE GRIMSDITCH lee.grimsditch@reachplc.com F ORMER police dogs more used to sniffing out explosives and drugs have ‘amazed’ gas engineers with their ability to find tiny undergroun­d gas leaks. The dogs have be retrained to find hairline leaks in gas pipes deep undergroun­d and have been working in Skelmersda­le. Springer Spaniels Nelly, Midge and Milly have been transferre­d from their police duties to work for the region’s gas network, Cadent. David Leah, a repair team leader for Cadent, who’s worked for 41 years in the industry, said: “When we dug down to where the dogs detected something, it was spot on - or, a foot away at most. “It was unbelievab­le. The dogs are going to be a great asset for us.” The idea to use the dogs came from Rachel Endfield, a business improvemen­t specialist in Cadent’s North West network. She said: “Sometimes it can ● be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Water will get in through the tiniest of cracks, which can cause problems for our customers. “I’d heard about the gas detection dogs that Steve [Foster] has trained for this job. “We’ve had them in the North West network for two days now, the first time we’ve used them, and we’ve seen some fantastic results already.” Steve Foster is a former police dog sergeant instructor who owns the specially-trained English Springer Spaniels. He has worked on over 200 jobs since switching to gas detection work in 2017. Steve explained the benefits of using specially trained sniffer dogs in the gas industry, saying: “Some escapes can be really, really difficult to find. The dogs’ noses are thought to be anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 times better than a human’s nose. “So, they can find minute amounts of gas. “That can be all you need, the golden nugget the engineers need to start with.” ● ● WE ARE NOW BACK OPEN & CAN’T WAIT TO WELCOME YOU BACK INTO OUR SHOWROOMS • • OVER 100 DISPLAYS TO SEE EXPERT HELP & ADVICE PROFESSION­AL INSTALLATI­ON SERVICE • CELEBRATIN­G 41 YEARS OF Full After Sales Service & Guarantee A TOUCH OF Exceptiona­l A FAMILY RUN BUSINESS SERVICE SUITES · FURNITURE · MIRRORS · BATHS · SHOWERS · WETROOMS · TAPS · HEATING · TILES www.discountba­throoms-northwest.co.uk visit us online or at one of our showrooms to view our full product range SOUTHPORT SHOWROOM PRESTON SHOWROOM 01704 566404 01772 722476 87-95 WATERLOO ROAD, PR8 4QN 471-475 BLACKPOOL ROAD, PR2 2LE OPENING TIMES OPENING TIMES MON - FRI 10AM - 5:30PM • SAT 10AM - 5PM SUN CLOSED MON - FRI 9:30AM - 5:30PM • SAT 9:30AM - 4PM SUN CLOSED

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