Albuquerque Journal : 2020-09-24



Our Planet is Crying Out! The Future of our World depends upon the Health of its Trees for Clean, Healthy Air to Breathe! WScheednul­ye owuithscTr­heeDdouctl­oer9w1i1th­OnTliRneEt­EoDSOavCeT­yoOuRr 911 online or over the phone we will: For every tree we treat, we will give up to a one year life guarantee for each tree.* No other company in the southwest will offer this guatentee. Trees. With our Diagnostic­s service we will: Arrange to SEND ONE OF OUR TREE DOCTORS to your home who will measure and photograph each tree on your property. 1 2 Each tree will be individual­ly numbered on your property diagram. Close up photograph­s of any problemati­c area with diagnosis and suggested treatment will be taken for a later video conference where you will be in the privacy of your home. 3 SAVE YOURSELF with no personal contact and save your trees with the You can make the decision on a tree by tree basis of each tree you want to SAVE. 4 Southwest’s best treatment guarantee. 5 *with a maintenanc­e agreement HISTORIC WILLOW TREE AT NEW MEXICO STATE CAPITOL THOUGHT UNSAVABLE BEFORE 6 WEEKS LATER ALMOST COMPLETELY DEAD A TREE WITH A NEW LEASE ON LIFE DIAGNOSTIC COMPLETE CONSULTATI­ON ON ALL OF YOUR TREES REGULAR PRICE $90 FALL SPECIAL $SAVE 30 YOUR PRICE $60 DIAGNOSTIC­S WITH ADDITIONAL LAB ANALYSIS (IF NEEDED) FOR ALL YOUR TREES APRIL 2019 JUNE 2019 Expires: October 31, 2020 NEVER GIVE UP ON A TREE! Steve Thomas’ Establishe­d in 1938 treedoctor­ Facebook: Instagram: SnapChat: Twitter: TREEDOCTOR­911 @tr33doctor­911 treedoctor­911 @SteveTh828­60861 We are the Best In The World At Saving Trees Our office will call you and schedule a time where we will then send our injection specialist to treat each tree you agree on. Don’t listen to other tree companies ...

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