Albuquerque Journal : 2020-09-24



The Best In The World At Saving Sick Trees! We consistent­ly Save Sick Trees Other Companies Say Are Unsaveable. Steve Thomas’ LOVE FUTURE GENERATION­S BY SAVING YOUR TREES! We save Trees Worldwide Statewide 505.247.1682 INSURANCE Tree DoctToRrEm­EaDdOeCHTO­isRtory in the MA2D0E1H8I/S2T0O1R9YD­LrAoSuTgYh­EtAR 9 This Drought was the Greatest Drought in 100 Years when everyone was losing Pinon trees to Bark Beetle. 9 9 2(( 1&412 54 1) 4+( 42($4(' $./134 ,010 2((3 50'2('3 1) 42((3 7( 42($4(' 7( .134 .(33 4+$0 2((3 NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BELIEVE ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU TO CUT A TREE DOWN WITHOUT TALKING TO TREE DOCTOR FIRST! WE CAN SAVE MOST SICK TREES. WE SAVED THIS 600 YR. OLD PILON TREE OUR GLOBAL REPUTATION IS YOUR TREES’ INSURANCE WE SAVE HISTORIC TREES WORLDWIDE. PHOTO TAKEN IN COSTA RICA APRIL 1, 2014 ONE YEAR LATER 21 Historic tree, planted by Governor Lindsey’s wife in 1918, were cut down by the city of Portales because they were mostly dead and dying and thought, by city administra­tion, to be beyond repair. Citizens of Portales stopped the city and called THESE TREES, THOUGHT DEAD AND CUT DOWN, WERE STILL REVIVED WITH MICRO-INJECTIONS TREEDOCTOR­ We will diagnose every tree you have to look for parasites and disease. NEVER LOSE ANOTHER TREE! Never give up on a tree. We can save your trees, if they have any life left at all. Most of the time with our micro-injection technology, they can be completely restored. NEVER LOSE ANOTHER TREE! WE ARE YOUR TREES LIFE

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