Chicago Sun-Times : 2020-09-07

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10 | Monday, September 7, 2020 | The Hardest-Working Paper in America | WE MISS YOU! And we hope you missed us! LIVE MUSIC may have been silenced in recent months but we promise to come back making a joyful noise! On behalf of the more than 2000 members of The Chicago Federation of Musicians, please know how grateful we are for your concern and support. We look forward to being back with you and helping you celebrate our world as we continue to perform the soundtrack of your lives. XOXOXOX On behalf of the members of The Chicago Federation of Musicians Terryl Jares, President Leo Murphy, Vice-President BJ Levy, Secretary-Treasurer Bob Bauchens, Rich Daniels, Jeff Handley, Janice MacDonald, Nick Moran, Charlie Schuchat and Joe Sonnefeldt, Executive Board Joyfully!! adno=STM0001112­97101

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