RC Car Action : 2020-02-01

GEARBOX : 15 : 15


FEBRUARY 2020 15 The polished look of Matt’s classic Camaro funny car hides a tremendous amount of custom work to get it there. The body is a Lexan Parma Camaro that he carefully narrowed to get the proper proportion­s, and then he sprayed it in silver blue metallic enamel. That is hinged over a custom chassis Matt built using an aluminum base and brass frame rails, giving the car a 13-inch wheelbase with just a 7-inch wide rear end. The front end is sourced from a Tamiya tractor and the rear end uses an Integy gearbox with Traxxas Bandit drive shafts and suspension arms. Tires are Traxxas too: Magnum skinnies up front and slicks in back. Power comes from a Castle 4600kv brushless system, but its hidden by a 3Dprinted Hemi motor from Dark Dragon Wing and has a custom-built set of zoomie exhaust pipes. The driver is a Tamiya piece with a few extra scratchbui­lt scale accessorie­s.

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