Australian Muscle Car : 2018-12-01

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FORD | HOLDEN | VALIANT LOOK NO FURTHER THAN AMERICANAUTOS.COM.AU VALIANT PARTS BUMPER BARS INSULATION & HEAT & SOUND DEADENERS NEW SEALS Window seals Door seals Windscreen seals Body seals Bailey channel Pinchweld To suit most Holden Ford Chrysler and many more available FUEL TANK SENDER UNITS LENSES POLISHED ALLOY MOON DISCS TRANSMISSION PANS CHROME NEW NEW PANELS HOLDEN NEW EXTERIOR DOOR HANDLES AIR CLEANERS SUMPS COMMODORE HEADLAMPS AND INDICATORS VENETIANS RUBBER KITS FORD VB-VC indicators VH-VK headlamps VH indicators VK indicators VL headlamps VL indicators POLISHED ALLOY WASHER TANKS RUST REPAIR PANELS BADGES LJ HEADLAMP RIM ORDER ONLINE | MAIL ORDER BROWSE IN STORE SURF CITY GARAGE CAR DETAILING PRODUCTS 02 9769 0655 22 ROWOOD RD PROSPECT ROCKER COVERS MIRRORS GET YOUR RARE SPARES AND A LOT MORE AT: AMERICANAUTOS.COM.AU Fuel tank units AP5 to CL Windscreen seals Door and body seals Door weatherstrips Carpet to order Door handles Flip fuel caps Body rubber kits LC LJ front $482 LC LJ rear $482 HK-HG front $565 HK-HG rear $565 HQ front $660 HQ rear $598 XW-XY Falcon front $550 XR-XY Falcon rear $550 Huge range! Heat shield, boom mat sheets or spray on, exhaust wrap, sleeves and much more! Park, stop, flasher, interior, etc for wide range models HOLDEN most models from FX to WB VALIANT AP5 to CL FORD most models from XK to XB 15 inch $120 set 13 inch $99 set 14 inch $110set Turbo 350 Turbo 400 Turbo 700 Powerglide Ford C4 Ford C6 Chrysler 727 All $29.50ea EJ-EH front fenders EJ-EH lower front valance HK-T-G front guards GTS or standard LC-LJ front guards LC or LJ upper nose panels LC-LJ front valance LJ lower grille panel WB ute rear quarter panels HQ-HZ ute rear quarter panels XW front guards XW bonnet - Std or GT XY front guards XY bonnet - Std or GT XA GT front guards XR-XY front & rear door skins plus many more sills, radiator supports, grille panels, etc Huge range HQ-HZ, LH-UC Chrome or Black $39.90ea Sml Block Chev - Chrome Sml Block Chev - Race Type $69 $99 From $18ea $65ea $10ea $27ea $69ea $23ea Floors, sills, guards, plus much more! Alloy 14x3 Re-usable Chrome From $89 From $65 From $39.60 Give your car a classic or retro look with our huge range of venetians available to suit a wide variety of models - most available in either black or white from $245 Holdens & Toranas w/- chrome cap Falcon XT-XC $66 $74 Prices are correct as at 10 July 2018. Subject to change without notice. All prices are inclusive of GST. GT Ford mirrors GTS Holden mirrors Peep mirrors 3” or 4” from Iron Cross mirrors Chrome racing bullet style mirror $75ea $169ea $29ea $29ea From $29ea Replace your rubbers with quality RARE SPARES rubber kits, not inferior copies! Contains all available Weatherseal Rubbers, Gaskets, Bailey Channels and Seals. Available for Ford, Holden, Valiant, Chrysler, Jaguar, Mini, Morris Minor, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Datsun, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Bedford. Kits available for sedan, coupe, station wagon, ute and van. Call us! Developed by a car enthusiast when he wasn’t satisfied with other products. Recognised around the world as the best anyone can buy! Sml Block Chev Big Block Chev Windsor Cleveland Sml Block Chrysler Y Block Ford $39 pair $45 pair $39 pair $59 pair From $39 pair $55 pair Left and Right $69.95ea

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