Australian Muscle Car : 2018-12-01

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1980 Peter Brock/Jim Richards Commodore VC 1981 Dick Johnson/John French Falcon XD 1982 Peter Brock/Larry Perkins Commodore VH 1983 Peter Brock/Larry Perkins/John Harvey Commodore VH 1984 Peter Brock/Larry Perkins Commodore VK 1985 John Goss/Armin Hahne Jaguar XJ-S 1986 Allan Grice/Graeme Bailey Commodore VK 1987 Peter McLeod/Peter Brock/David Parsons Commodore VL 1988 Tony Longhurst/Tomas Mezera Sierra RS500 1989 Dick Johnson/John Bowe Sierra RS500 DVDs - 20 discs MOTORSPORT at Mount Panorama boomed in the electrifying 1980s and this huge box set captures the decade perfectly with a plethora of Bathurst racing action to keep you on your couch for hours on end! Every Bathurst 1000 race from 1980 to 1989 - in full and including racing action not televised on the Seven Sport TV telecast of the day - is featured within this amazing box set of DVDs, making this a golden trip down racing memory lane. All the memorable Bathurst cars are here - the mighty V8 Falcons and Commodores, the turbo Bluebirds, Sierras and Skylines, the rotary Mazdas, thoroughbred BMWs, purring Jaguars and so much more! All of the big names are featured in these races too with Brock, Moffat, Johnson, Richards, Skaife, Grice, Longhurst, Perkins and many, many more from this golden era of racing going head-to-head at Bathurst. Lock the door, grab a drink, get comfy on the couch and bolt yourself in for a trip back to the 1980s where fashion and hairstyles were questionable but the action on-track was simply brilliant! DVDs-20discs 10 Don’t miss a minute of the action! Available from *not all titles in all stores DECEMBER NEW RELEASE BATHURST: CHOOSE THE EIGHTIES 1980-1989 THE COMPLETE RACES

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