that's life (Australia) : 2018-12-13

What Would : 69 : 69

What Would

? WHAT WOULD you do Have you got a dilemma? email: [email protected] Then you can anonymously ask thousands of that’s life! readers to help you solve it T e l l us your story $2000! & YOU COULD RECEIVE UP TO It all began like this: Name Age Street Town/Suburb Then this crucial event happened: State Postcode Phone (Daytime) It ended like this: Phone (Mobile) Email There’sa of betterchance beingused yourstory photos. ifyouenclose yourphotos Ifyou’dlike name writeyour returned, of ontheback andaddress also eachpic.Please stamped, includea addressed self- envelope. email: [email protected] Signed Date write: AUS: True life (or appropriate section) PO Box 7804, Sydney, NSW 2001 website: Attach a piece of paper with more details if you need to. NZ: PO Box 90064, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142 I declare that I am not a professional journalist or photographer and I have submitted this letter/ story/photograph as a hobby.

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