that's life (Australia) : 2018-12-13

Your Stars : 74 : 74

Your Stars

What’s in store for your weekahead Do you have a question for Kris? Email her at [email protected] 10 CROSSWORD The that caught a As seen on Psychic TV & Fitzy and Wippa Nova 96.9 I feed a family of for a week! $120 BUDGET QUEEN K I LL E R No.1 Australia’s real-life mag AWARD-WINNING INTERNATIONAL CLAIRVOYANT FRANCIS BEVAN $3.50 ISSUE 37 September 13, 2018 inc. GST z z The magwith Easy Sleep yourself SLIM heart z z Win! $2999 Cashfor CHICKEN DINNERS NECKLACE FUELforaYEAR! DIAMOND $1599 NECKLACE GIVE AWAY! MUM’S TORMENT real-life mag $1999 No.1 $3999 Australia’s RING EARRINGS $3.50 I didn’t know I was inc.GST 56 6,2018 ISSUE 36 September ISSUE38 September 20,2018 $3.50 inc.GST STARVING MYBABY PRIZE PUZZLES CRIME SPECIAL magThe with heart Aussie horror Trapped underwaterwith MURDERED MYHUBBYWASA while asking for DEADLY CROCS SERIAL KILLER DEADLY DINNER HELP backyard Hekeptabodyinthe The veg that nearly SIZE-24 Talk with my team of gifted Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Card Readers who can provide you with insights into Mum’s agony POLE DANCER Meet the Lego Farmer EVILICEMAN HELPING AUSSIES proud! & KILLED ME family massacre Dadofthree, WHAT A WEDDING! OF250 253 Mymumandsis KILLEDINCOLDBLOOD MURDERER We had bridesmaids! PLUS MORE! Wespent $30,000 tobreaka AUSTRALIA’S MOST AHAMSTER AMAZI NG ATE MY CAR! ...How did I survive? BLINDED FAMILY CURSE PRIZE PUZZLES Iwastoldto TERMINATE myhealthy baby by a magpie! Mum’s heartbreak It’s true! LOVE, CAREER, FINANCE & HEALTH. Howthis Aussiekidis LOST FOR 17 HOURS 2 74 8 0 0 0 10 d ve ro pp A st Po nt ri P 2 74 8 0 0 0 10 d ve ro pp A st Po nt ri P COVER.indd 1 29/8/18 4:59 pm SAVINGOUR FARMERS Toe-tally weird! Rescued byour pup but look at him now! MY8-KILO ‘MUTANTFOOT’ DEMENTIAAT35 COVER 1 pm 22/8/18 4:53 5/9/18 2:02 pm 1 COVER.indd CALL NOW TO GET MUCH-NEEDED INSIGHTS HAVE YOU REALISED THE BENEFITS YOUR BUSINESS COULD GAIN BY ADVERTISING IN THE DIRECTORY PAGES? 1902 264 063 Psychics & Mediums calls cost $5.50 per min pay/mobile extra 1902 267 040 Clairvoyants & Tarot Card Readers calls cost $5.50 per min pay/mobile extra To advertise call 1300 882 136 1800 620 745 To pay by credit card

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