Townsville Bulletin : 2018-12-07

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NEWS 08 FRIDAY DECEMBER 7 2018 TOWNSVILLEBULLETIN. COM. AU Mother, hero, liar or killer? Download by Karin Slaughter to Pieces of Her SECOND ACT BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY ( M) 104mins. Comedy. Jennifer Lopez in her best comedy in years. ( M) 134mins. Musical Bio. The Stor y of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Fri/ Mon. 10.30am, 12.20, 7.10pm. Sat / Sun. 1.15, 2.50, 7.10pm. Fri/ Mon. 10.30am, 1.0 0, 7.0 0, 9.00pm. Sat / Sun. 1.30, 3.4 0, 7.0 0, 9.00pm. ˋ QG RXW A STAR IS BORN ( M) 136mins. Romantic Drama. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. DON’T WORRY, HE WON’T GET FAR ON FOOT ( M) 113mins. Joaquin Phoenix. From the Trav. Film Festival. Conditions apply* Fri/ Mon. 10.30am, 7.10pm. Sat / Sun. 1.15, 7.10pm. Fri/ Mon. 10.30am, 6.4 5pm. Sat / Sun. 1.0 0, 6.4 5pm. + Rewards members can claim now HUNTER KILLER ( MA15+) 121mins. Drama. Gerard Butler, Gar y Oldman. WIDOWS ( MA15+) 129mins. Action Thriller. Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Rober t Duvall. townsvillebulletin. com. au/ rewards Fri/ Mon. 12.30, 8.30pm. Sat / Sun. 3.30, 8.30pm. Fri/ Mon. 10.30am, 12.45, 6.4 5pm. Sat / Sun. 1.0 0, 3.15, 6.4 5pm. ROBIN HOOD ( M) 116mins. Taron Eger ton, Jamie Fox x, Ben Mendelson. THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN ( M) 94mins. Rober t Redford, Casey Af fleck, Sissy Spacek. Fri/ Mon. 12.45, 8.4 5pm. Sat / Sun. 3.00, 8.4 5pm. Fri/ Mon. 10.30am, 1.0 0, 6.4 5pm. Sat / Sun. 1.0 0, 3.4 0, 6.4 5pm. CHRISTMAS GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE: 6 FOR $ 54. THE CHILDREN ACT ( M) With Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci. Commences next * Limit one redemption per eligible member. Limited to first 10,000 each month. Offer of books featured ends 31 December 2018 or while stocks last. Provided you remain a member. Member must register with Kobo to take up this offer. Thursday 13/ 12. www. warrinacineplex. com. au BULE01Z01MA - V1 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader. com + 1 604 278 4604 . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y O R I G I N A L C O P Y COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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