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Working in partnership with the Australian Travel Industry Leisure Travel Team Leader Luxury Travel Consultant Gold Coast - $Competitive + Bonus - Ref 909PS1 Brisbane CBD - $Competitive - Ref 891/PSH1 Product Manager | Escorted Tours BDM - Educational Travel Are you an experienced Team Leader with strong GDS skills and excellent destination knowledge of North America? Do you motivate and drive your team to go above and beyond their targets? One of Australia’s fastest growing travel companies is expanding and rgercarsupiotifntghenEonwg!lisYholuanwguillagbe, wbeoarkcionngfiidnenatmcoemdmiuumnisciazteodr epnovssireossnamceunrrtewntitdhri7vindgaylicsehnicfet Competitive base and phenomenal bonus structure offered! Are you an experienced worldwide Luxury Travel Consultant with extensive cruise product knowledge? My client is expanding their reservations team and are looking for an experienced Travel Consultant with a genuine passion for Cruise to join their team. If you ifoonr fsochr eclaunbdsapnrodven Ie’dxtlroavme tiloe.hWeaitrhfrsoumchyaou. Sydney, to $65k + Super DOE, Ref: 3829PE1 Sydney, $60k + Uncapped Comms, Ref: 1557AJ1 As a Product Manager you will be responsible for researching, designing, writing and maintaining a portfolio of tours. The successful candidate will be passionate about Music, Theatre, history and the Arts + have an excellent acnadll ncegnotrtieator, arontdalomvaenaangdinflgaraeftoeracmreoatfiv6itcyoansdudlteasnigtns. Travel industry experience, a degree in the arts or previous work in these fields and command of a foreign language would be highly desirable. Exciting opportunity to join a market leading company specialising in group tours. You will be responsible for driving business, identifying potential clients and outlining the fantastic service offering available. Myhcalvienetxpcreollveindtesdefustlliynattaiiolonrekdnotwralveedlgpea,cakapgaess ocroulsis, asseoxcpiaetriioensceansdmparsihdiengthseemt seallveesstoanrggeotsin, gthtehne great product/service offering behind you, you can expect to enjoy high conversion levels coupled with an uncapped incentive structure. Excellent package is offered! For more information, please call Peta on For more information, please call Peta on (F0or2m) o9r1e (02) 9119 8744 or click 1in3fo7rm2a7ti2onoprlecalsiecckalAl PPaPulLoYn now. For(0m2o)re9in1f1or3ma7t2io7n2ploearseccliacllkAAntPonPyLoYn (02) 9119 8744 or click now. APPLY APPLY Senior Leisure/ Cruise Consultant Travel Consultant Inbound Groups Travel Consultant Cruise & Travel Consultant - Non Face to Face Upper North Shore/ Sydney - $40K + Comm - Ref: 908LB1 Canberra - Competitive + OTE - Ref 857SJ2 Sydney, $50k-$55k + Super, Ref: 1995JB1 Brisbane, to $50k + super + comms, Ref: 2514SZ4 No more tedious commute to the CBD for the lucky star consultant who joins this amazing team. Enjoy working close to home in the St Ives area. Bring your strong consulting skills and solid travel saairlelisnesxpaenrdiengcreoutondthoispebruastyorasgeancdy ptrhideier tehxecmepsteilovnesaloanttention ptorodveidtainilgt5o*esnesruvrieceatlloaaslpl oMuust whailvleb aingbroeuantdsatlraarvye+lacnodmsmpeisaskioFnrse,naclhonflguweni opportunity to work with a fantastic team selling luxury products. Are you a travel industry professional looking for a fresh challenge? This is a dream Travel Consultant role based in Canberra on a full or part time basis. Uncapped earning potential with recognition wtoipthcothmismfiasnsitoans.tiTchtirsarvoelel Our client is seeking a Travel Groups Consultant for their office based in Sydney CBD! The ideal candidate will have experience organising travel for groups of travellers, negotiating group rates with various hotels, uwsihnog ecclitesnotfeltehferotrmipaamreobdoeornkesdtoarcecufrroantet.lyY. exrpeweraierdnceed with thly.anThe successful candidate will receive a competitive base salary plus super. My client is a fast paced award-winning online agency currently seeking a talented travel or cruise consultant selling cruise & worldwide land / air packages. You must be hungry to want to earn top dollars by doing wh&atreyowuarlodvsefoanr dyobuerrheawradrdweodrkwaitrhe foafmfeirlsed& woruollde.suYiotusowmilel oidneatlhlyaht onrtailv&e tdeoameesntivcirtornavmeel nint,dwusotrky/ lifeexbpaelarniecnec, rbeelawxeedll ltohcekerirgsh&t shower facility with full kitchenette & magnificent views at your desk. awvaenitnstaersnuaptpi ea, &trafuvnellaetdmaonspdhheareve,btrheeakpoausstioarneato,ofiwnnd holiday for your clients. Call me today for a confidential chat! Forrmmoroe (022) )919119 rinefoirnmfaotiromn palteiaosenc,apll lJeacaqsuelicnaelol nLynsey on ForFmoorrme inofroermiantfioonrpmleasteiocanll,Sperleenasoen (07()03212)39610173or7c2li7ck2AoPPrLYclniocwk. call Sarah on 1873447o2r7c2lickoArPcPlLiYcnkowA.PPLY APPLY RTreatvaeilCToranvsueltCanotnssWualtnatnetd! Wholesale Ski TrSaevenlioCronHsigulhtaEnntdstReeptianitloLePirsoudruectConsultant MBNeEl,bLouucranteive-$Sa4l2a-r4y 5PKac+kagIne,cReenft:i1v8e4-2ARWef4458DB1 BriSs.bManel,b$o5u0r-n60ek-, $ReCfo: m13p6e3tCiGtiAve1 + Incentives - Ref 5920KF1 NOeuwrcrleietnatil nsk!i Tehnitshwuseilalsetstwabhloishaedvetraalrvealdcyomhitpathney looking for their next travel superstar to join there team! If you have two years plus experience as a Travel Consultant, love working with tSatregpeutspatnodadwehlivoelerisnaglecturastvoemlsekrirsoelrev,iceea,rtnhteonpr$e$a$d. oAn!dThiitstphoessitloiopnes! iAs oyrokuinagtwraivtheilncoandsuynltamntisc npoasdsiaoynwfoilrl balel wMiollnbdeayse-FllriindgaywwoirtlhdwthideeocdceasstiionnaatiloSnastuarnddayw_oArkPiPnLgYwNiOthWt!argets and cFomr moisrseioi nf.oIrfmthaitsiosnoupnledasselikcealyl oAumtahnednaaopnply today! itsrlaovoekl ipnogsfitoior salorepes and looking to share their ski knowledge and passion. Are you a Travel Consultant who loves to sell ski? Do you want to focus your energy and sales ability to a niche wholesale brand?! Then this role is for you! WeWaarnetilnoogktiongtafkoer into product. You will provide coordination, assistance and support to obtain, contract, load and distribute relevant product.Ê You will also be responsible for building and growing relationships with our suppliers. The ideoapl tye owfiltahnydo/auir as yboausewwillitbhetrheequaidreddedtosupapcpkoargteatnodgeotnhgeor growwitinhgthcoemchpanycewtiothgarofuwny&oufarset Foryomuorweililnbfoerbmoaotikoingpelexacsleusciavlel,Choiugrht-neenydotnravel (07F) oawmnoetrisvhaitpedofTyraovuerl rCoolenswuilthantthelosoukpinpgorttoogfeat manager and agency? Bored of fully working on your own? We have the position for you! This growing TMC are offering you the pcaonrtduidnai twoilwlhoarkveina agnooedstaubnldisehrsetdanodffiincge ocowmnpcolnieenntts itnrgavterlapinroindgucftrso.mBeanpaargt eonfcay xpiastciendgwcloierknitnbgaesnev.iWronitmhiennyt.our role packages and airfares. rwe wteitahma; thiengsasmsneo!wY?o!uWork F(0o7r) 3m12o3 r6e10i7nofrocrlimckaAtPiPoLYnn, or click opwl.ease call Deborah on o31r2m36o10r7eoirncfliockrmAPaPLtYionnow, .please call Kate on or click (02) 9113 7272 APPLY (02) 9113 7272 APPLY Key Account Manager Travel Agent - Assistant WSE hMoellbeosuarnlee,$T7r0ka-v88ekl+SSpupeecr,iRaelfi:s3t763HC1 NtSh pMelcbioaulrinset, $R45eks+eSruvpaert,iRoenf: 3T61r7aJvP1el Consultant AOudrecliaeindtiess-ee$k3in2g.a5n-e3x8pKeri+encSeduKpeeyrCo+rpForaamte sAc-coRuenftM0a8n6a6geNr Cfo2r DoPyeourtlhove- t$h4e T+ravSeul Apgernt+yetByonu of yoopuprotrhtuinngit?yTthoisjoisinthseomroeleoffotrhyeoule!aEdninjogy, alwl tahred thrill and benefits of working in the industry without the pressure of the sales day in day out. Provide support to the sales and operations teams with a number of duties including assisting with reservations andoraSdomuitnhdAumtiersi.cYaoour wInidlliabeoreSwriaLradnekdaw? iItfhsoa,rtehgeunlawr gretaoteyostub! eWnefihtaovfe MmoandyafyantotasFtricdaroy noaww! ForyemaorsrefrionnfotrlminaetitoranvpeleiansdeucsatlrlyJoexshpeornience. (03F) 0be-4in5gKa ufesel-liRkeetfhe0s8a8le7s NeleCm5ent Athfeairntgarsotwicinchgaonfcfieceto. specialists in the Adelaide area. We are looking for the perfect Travel Consultant to join this close knit team. You will answer email and pghrownethe.nTqhuisiriceosmreplantiynghatvoeaarafanngteaostficbroeopkuintagtsiofnorftohrisstamffarzeintegnatiroena, ivnaclluidnigngthweairlkienmgphloyliedeasysa, Tshuipspisorative fwaonrtkaisntigc ve excellent personal experience of travelling NFoerwmZoeraelainfdoramndathioanveplaeagseencuainlleHpaansnsaiohnofnor the travel industry. Ijfoyinouonheavoef etxhteenlesaivdeinagndtrastvrealtewghicolTersaavlel Account Manager in a TMC then this role could be what you are looking for. Your main responsibility is to manage business relationships between the TMC and your clients while promoting account retention and TtheisriosleanisnawÕtesreoamlley winning wholesalers in the Perth area as a Specialist Reservation Travel Consultant. Have you sold and extensively travelled to Africa esanlaereydatnodstpheeak lehsoutorssOtaNrtLYin! 2D0o1n4Õ.tTwheasite, laepapdliyng, ard winning wholesalers are looking for team players with two ncadmtpheryvahnavheireananedxflceylldernivtes&. eronlveiriofnymouenhta. F(0o3r) 9m98o8 r0e61i6nofrocrlimckaAtPiPoLYnn, or click opwl.ease call Natalie on o99r8m80o61r6eoirncfliockrmAPaPLtYionnow, .please call Natalie on or click (02) 9113 7272 APPLY (02) 9113 7272 APPLY Find your ideal travel job at online... on mobile... in branch

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