VOGUE Australia : 2018-12-01

VOUGE BEAUTY : 149 : 141


INFUSES INGREDIENTS LAYERS DEEP In many cases less than 1% of active ingredients reach deep into the skin, blocked by the skin barrier and remaining on the skin’s surface. harnesses the power of opposing magnetic fifields to push custom-engineered ingredients 10 layerss deep. surfac posing deep Olay’s y’s har h enginee f New Magnemask Collection custom- WAKE UP TO YOUTHFUL, PLUMPER SKIN YOUTHF MAGN NEMASKS MAGNEMASKS I N F U S I O N REJUVENA ATING REJUVENATING SHEET MASK FOR FINE LINES & LACK OF FIRMNESS 24 4 g x 5 pcs 24 4 g x 5 pcs FINE LINES & LACK OF FIRMNESS FOR REJUVENA ATING SHEET MASK

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