In Awaken Your Potential, leadership coach Chad Reyes becomes a type of virtual mentor to help people fulfill their maximum potential, to become leaders, and then to turn around and help others fulfill their own potential.

Today’s institutions are facing a serious, global crisis that threatens to destroy how we work, live, serve, and play.

No, it’s not a health or financial crisis; it’s a leadership crisis.

Organizations around the world are lacking effective, competent leaders who know how to make a significant personal investment in both their organization and the people within it.

More importantly, this generation of leaders isn’t awakening the untapped potential within their teams. That is a problem—perhaps the problem—that leads us into dull, dreary workdays and wholly ineffective, unsatisfying work.

It’s time to change that.

In Awaken Your Potential: 10 Ways to Unlock Greatness, entrepreneur, speaker, and leadership coach Chad L. Reyes will guide you in how to

  • Make your purpose bigger than your problem.
  • Give more than you take from others.
  • Separate what you do from who you are.
  • Get a valuable return on your failures.
  • Fulfill your maximum potential—and unlock the full potential of others.

Genuine, authentic leadership that unlocks others’ potential is desperately needed in every aspect of society—from our governments to our businesses, educational institutions, civic organizations, youth groups, faith communities, and households. The world needs quality leaders.

Leaders aren’t born; they’re equipped!

About the author(s)

Chad L. Reyes is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author, and multiplier of leaders. Since 2003, he has worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, highly successful families, and the next generation of leaders reach their full potential.

His journey from declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy at twenty-one years old to influencing highly successful leaders all started with a vision for how he and his wife, Danielle, would one day ignite positive change in the world. Dedicating their lives to that vision, they have pioneered three organizations focused on developing leaders: 

Lions Pride Leadership, a leadership and business coaching company that awakens, empowers, and equips leaders to reach their full potential. 

I AM Empowering, a not-for-profit organization that empowers and equips the next generation of leaders, focusing on those between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. 

Wealth & Legacy Group, a generational planning firm that helps highly successful families move from success to significance.

Chad’s mottom, inspired by Myles Munroe, is simple: “Rob the grave and give the world everything you have inside. Die empty.”

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