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LEAD! Book 1: Finding Your Leadership Identity is a foundational guide and blueprint to discovering your unique leadership character and personal approach to leading people. In a sea of resources claiming to be the “definitive” guide, LEAD! takes a different approach to making leadership practical and accessible: It provides an anthology of the greatest leadership and management thinking of the last fifty years, surveying the most important leadership models plus an array of authoritative psychological and psychometric tools, and synthesizes them into 20 Pillars of Leadership Character that helps readers build their own unique, intrinsic leadership model.

LEAD! Book 1 helps the aspiring or new leader refine their management ethos, values, culture, mission, and purpose. Written by Gregory H. Garrison, an international media and technology leader with over 35 years’ experience in internal and consulting executive roles for technology companies. LEAD! distills the most important preeminent leadership teachings into an accessible, usable resource that readers can use to find and establish their unique place in the workplace today. 

As a concise overlay to a management MBAs and executive education and corporate training, LEAD! will provide ascendant middle managers, functional and general managers, management consultants, students, trainers, and mentors a solid foundation to build their unique leadership brand on.


'"identity is possibly the most important and misunderstood aspect of leadership. Every leader is unique. Recognizing and developing our own secret sauce is the key to being an effective and authentic leader. Greg Garrison is a great leader and a great teacher of leadership. This book is required reading for anyone who aspires to lead in a way that makes a positive difference in the world.”
—Des Dearlove, cofounder of Thinkers50

“Garrison makes a big difference. Enlightened leadership is important to almost every business breakthrough. The ability to improvise is critical to his team's success.... Garrison is an impresario, creating a new way of doing business as he goes. Garrison's flexibility is essential to this exceptional success story.”
—Tom Peters
“His unique approach pushes at the frontiers of current management thinking and could radically redefine the nature of organizations.”
—The Financial Times
"10,000 hours? Garrison has 100,000 hours as a successful, innovative, senior line manager. Pay heed and Lead!"
—Jim Sterne, author, speaker, and consultant

“[Garrison is] an internationally known speaker…a tech guru.”
Silicon Republic

"Greg Garrison provides the potential leader with a comprehensive overview of the study of leadership literature and practice. He shares an insightful overview of his personal experience and journey of becoming an exceptional leader. Greg presents a common-sense approach to becoming an effective leader. His approach is easy to understand and provides first-hand accounts of the challenges of achieving exemplary results."
—Ernie Lopez, organizational development consultant


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