From heartwarming and humorous stories about community, pets, and family to insightful essays from influential writers and stirring accounts of everyday heroes, The Best of Reader’s Digest will inspire you, amuse you, and always remind you of the good in humanity.

This impressive collection contains the very best of 100 years of Reader’s Digest stories. The book is brimming with inspiring tales about family and society, funny takes on human nature, and poignant personal accounts of important cultural events and historical eras. With essays from influential writers and entertainers nestled alongside remarkable tales about everyday heroes, this volume is sure to have something for everyone. You’ll laugh, learn, reflect, and be inspired by the diverse stories, including:

*Queens of the Road: An adult daughter reflects upon the humorous, occasionally exasperating exchanges she has with her mother while they “enjoy” long road trips together; she offers tongue-in-cheek and witty advice to those looking to do the same.

*I Get a Lot More Than I Give: Entertainer and USO legend Bob Hope gives a touching firsthand account of performing for GIs at Christmastime in Vietnam, describes the valuable life lessons he’s learned in the process, and shares emotional memories of encounters with wounded soldiers.

*Fire Lover: Writer Joseph Wambaugh delivers a page-turning account of the investigation into a series of California arsons that occurred in the 1980s. Now-infamous arson investigator John Orr intimately participates in the case, but he’s ultimately revealed to be the arsonist in question.

*Why We Forgive: In an intimate essay, revered activist and theologian Desmond Tutu meditates on the value of forgiveness. Recalling the physical and verbal abuse his father inflicted upon his family, Tutu acknowledges that forgiveness can be difficult but reminds readers that “the only way to experience healing and peace is to forgive.”

*A Fight for Life at 35,000 Feet: When 35-year-old Theresa de Bara goes into premature labor in the middle of a flight, the crew and passengers have no choice but to jump to action. This dramatic and suspenseful account describes the efforts of two paramedics and a doctor on board to ensure the safety and health of Theresa and her baby.

In addition, the book features hilarious jokes and cartoons, classic illustrations and photographs, and true stories from readers like you.

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