The Fairy Godmother's Growth Guide

Whimsical Poems and Radical Prose for Self-Exploration


Social media sensation Marisa McGrady is the Fairy Godmother with a self-help guide that isn't one-size-fits-all. . .

Modern media makes self-love seem simple. Buy a bath bomb, apply a face mask, and voila! You’ve got self-love, commodified and canned for your convenience. But self-love cannot be bought. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to self-care. What happens once our bubble baths drain and feelings of self-loathing, doubt, or despair creep back in? How do our bodies, resource availability (including free time), and physical and emotional needs impact our ability to care for ourselves? Are our bodies “bad” just because certain industries, organizations, or people deem them so?

Social media sensation Marisa McGrady, also known as @ris.writes or the Fairy Godmother online, explores these questions and more in her debut self-help book, The Fairy Godmother’s Growth Guide: Whimsical Poems and Radical Prose for Self-Exploration. The bite-sized poems in Part I propose new perspectives about our bodies that inspire us to see ourselves in different lights. The prose in Part II explains accommodating, sustainable approaches to self-care while addressing the harms of industrialized self-love and exploring the internal concepts and external factors that impact self-worth. The Fairy Godmother’s Growth Guide will redefine your relationship with yourself and help you make your life more magical.

About the author(s)

Marisa McGrady (@ris.writes on social media) is a writer and content creator passionate about making life magical. Her viral body positive poetry, self-acceptance skits, and Fairy Godmother videos garner millions of views across multiple online platforms. Her debut publication, a book full of empathy, guidance, and Fairy Godmother magic, is set to publish with Viva Editions in March of 2024.


Ms. McGrady has done a magnificently thorough job explaining the evolution of a healthy “self” with research, funny anecdotes, and personal revelations.  As a psychotherapist, I would highly recommend this book to my clients.  It is an easy, entertaining, and oftentimes hilarious read on her journey to becoming the “Fairy Godmother.”  Kudos to making mental health seriously funny!

Lynne E. Furay, LISW-CP Psychotherapist in Greenville, SC for 27 years Carolina Counseling & Consulting, LLC

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