The first installment of The Mafia Academy Series—a dark romance set at a boarding school for the sons and daughters of the most powerful mafia lords.

Mirabella La Rosa

When my father arranged for me to marry the heir to the Costa crime family, I swore I’d do anything to escape that fate. I have more to offer than being some man’s arm candy and producing heirs. Marcello Costa might be my fiancé, but he’ll never be my husband.

So when he and his father are killed in a car bombing, I consider myself lucky. No longer will I have to go from being a mafia princess to becoming a mafia wife, I can now attend the Sicuro Academy—a private college created for mafia children like me.

But all my plans come to a screeching halt when Marcello shows up on campus alive and well, seeking revenge on those that crossed him.

Marcello Costa

The look of shock on my fiancée’s face when I walked into the classroom pleases me more than it should. Mirabella made it clear she didn’t want to marry me, but at the moment I have a bigger issue on my hands—revenge on whoever killed my father. Once I mete out my own particular brand of justice, I’ll remove Mirabella from campus and make her my wife.

And no amount of pleading on her part will change my mind.

About the author(s)

P. Rayne is the pen name for a USA Today bestselling duo writing as Piper Rayne. Under P. Rayne they write dark, dangerous, and forbidden romance.

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