Gossip Girl meets Scandal in this sparkling romance about a newly minted CEO and the "billionaire babysitter" hired to rehab his playboy image—but falling in love could be the worst scandal of all.

He needed a perfect year. She needed a way out.

After years of living up to his reckless playboy reputation, Henry Amari is ready to step into the role of CEO at his family’s prestigious company, Amari Global. But the board isn't so sure Henry can leave old habits behind, so they give him one year to prove himself worthy and hire a top PR firm to help Henry rehab his image. Just one problem: when his new PR consultant arrives, Henry’s humiliated to discover that his new babysitter is the gorgeous woman he tried to flirt with at a party.

Selena Montez, the “aristocrat whisperer,” needs to complete one last job before she can leave New York City. After a disastrous experience with another socialite family, she needs this account to be a win. Even if Henry pulls her guard down with his authenticity and kindness—this has to be just business. But as she and Henry grow closer, her secret connection to high society starts to catch up to her. That, paired with an attraction they can’t fight, means Selena herself might be the greatest threat to Henry’s reputation.

With a highly coveted acquisition, and Henry’s position as CEO, on the line — can love survive the scandal?

The Heir is the second book in a series of interconnected standalones in the Biotech Billionaires series. Look for The Spare, available now!

About the author(s)

Ava Rani is the author of the Biotech Billionaires series. The daughter of two immigrants, her Indian-American roots peek out in different ways in all her novels. She loves to write diverse love stories featuring flawed characters who have real problems, powerful friendships, and chosen families who support each other.

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