Readers of Sistersong by Lucy Holland, Cast Long Shadows by Cat Hellisen and The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead wil love this fantasy tale of folklore and myth from Scotland.

When Brigit is faced with a forced marriage to Aengus, god of Summer, she flees into the highlands in search of the Cailleach, the Queen of Winter. There, she hopes to learn how to live on her own terms, without the need for a man to speak for her, but can she persuade the Cailleach that she is worthy? Caught between two gods and finding an unlikely ally in the Fae witch, Nicnevin, Brigit will be tested to her limits and beyond.

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About the author(s)

Shona Kinsella is a British Fantasy Award nominated author who lives and works in Scotland. Her works include the Vessel of KalaDene trilogy, industrial fantasy novella, The Flame and the Flood, and dark Scottish fantasy novella Petra MacDonald and the Queen of the Fae. She is the Chair of the British Fantasy Society.


"A fiercely independent heroine and a fascinating pantheon of gods [...] Brigit is an admirable protagonist."

Publishers Weekly

"[...] the best fantasy novel I have read in a long, long time and, quite honestly, an instant classic in the genre."

A Reviewer Darkly

?Praise for Shona's debut novel, Ashael Rising.

'A strong debut that builds on traditional fantasy... fresh, exciting, and interesting.' Alex S Bradshaw, BFS Indie Reviews

'A wonderfully constructed novel, epic world building and a fantastic story ... what more can I say?' Peter Hutchinson, TheGrimDarkFiles

'Refreshingly original, intense and exciting, Shona Kinsella's Ashael Rising is an impressive debut from a wonderful new voice in fantasy fiction.' Michael Rowley, former Editorial Director at Del Ray

'Healing, hope-inspiring and joyful.' Anna Smith Spark

'A wonderful, well-drawn fantasy adventure centered on magic and community. It’s a tale with a huge heart.' Neil Williamson

'Kinsella’s bright, fresh voice brings us a world of subtle depth and characters who feel like they matter. The mysteries pulled me along, but the relationships made me care. You’ll want this in your hands.' Stewart Hotston

'Ashael Rising is a wonderfully inventive start to an exciting new fantasy series. I loved the cast of characters to cheer for and also be terrified of!' Runalong the Shelves