Readers of Shauna Lawless and Thilde Kold Holdt will love this Celtic-inflected adventure by critically acclaimed, grimdark epic fantasy novelist, Anna Smith Spark.

A Sword of Bronze and Ashes combines the fierce beauty of Celtic myth with grimdark battle violence. It's a lyrical, folk horror high fantasy.

Kanda has a good life until shadows from her past return threatening everything she loves. And Kanda, like any parent, has things in her past she does not want her children to know. Red war is coming: pursued by an ancient evil, Kanda must call upon all her strength to protect her family. But how can she keep her children safe, if they want to stand as warriors beside her when the light fades and darkness rises?

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About the author(s)

Anna Smith Spark is a critically acclaimed, multi-award short-listed grimdark epic fantasy novelist. She writes lyrical prose-poetry about war, love, landscapes, and war. Her writing has been described as ‘a masterwork’ by Nightmarish Conjurings, ‘an experience like no other series in fantasy’ by Grimdark Magazine, ‘literary Game of Thrones’ by the Sunday Times, and ‘howls like early Moorcock, converses like the best of Le Guin’ by the Daily Mail.


Reviews of Anna Smith Spark's novels.

‘Fierce, gripping fantasy, exquisitely written; bitter, funny and heart-rending by turns’ Adrian Tchaikovsky

‘A dynamic new voice’ Scott Lynch ‘Stunning’ Publishers Weekly

‘Compelling’ Fantasy Faction

‘Weaves a spell that will consume you’ Barnes and Noble

‘A must read’ Three Crows Magazine

‘A masterwork of dark fantasy’ Nightmarish Conjurings

‘An experience like no other series in fantasy’ Grimdark Magazine

‘Literary Game of Thrones’ Sunday Times

‘Howls like early Moorcock, converses like the best of Le Guin’ Daily Mail

'It is a mind-blowing book. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it. it's a story about the ragged, tearing wound you get when high myth gets stitched to the grind of mundane life. It's incredible.' Adrian Tchaikovsky

'Spark blends Celtic mythology and grimdark fantasy into an enthralling tale of female power. [Her] poetic prose gives the adventure a mythic feel that enhances its folkloric and folk horror elements. Balancing the violence of war with emotional depth and thematic explorations of motherhood and legacy, this gripping outing is a testament to Spark’s power as a storyteller.' Publishers Weekly

'A high fantasy fever dream... the author has once again – with her unique poetic literary fantasy – delivered an absolute experience.' Grimdark Magazine

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