Gossip Girl meets Succession in this steamy romance about a tenacious Indian-American heiress who’s ready to prove she can lead her family’s business, and her best friend’s brother, a CEO hiding a secret that might be worth billions.

When the stakes are sky high, is love worth the fall?

Sloan Amari has spent years in the shadow of her older brother Henry, heir apparent to their family’s company, Amari Global. Determined to show she’s been the right choice all along, she’s become a powerful corporate attorney and is on track to make history as the firm’s youngest senior partner. Now, the role of CEO at Amari Global may be within her grasp and Sloan’s eyes are on the prize.

That is until Marcus, her brother’s best friend turned business rival, returns to Manhattan after spending time abroad leading his own company.  They’ve had unspoken feelings for each other for years, but he was her brother’s best friend, and now he’s the competition. Still, after all this time, their electric attraction hasn’t waned, and bumping shoulders at work events and parties makes it hard to resist, even if they both have corporate secrets to keep.

With succession plans at Amari Global moving forward, can Sloan land the role she’s always coveted, or will her heart get caught in the crosshairs? 

The Spare is the first book in a series of interconnected standalones in the Biotech Billionaires series. Look for The Heir, available now!

About the author(s)

Ava Rani is the author of the Biotech Billionaires series. The daughter of two immigrants, her Indian-American roots peek out in different ways in all her novels. She loves to write diverse love stories featuring flawed characters who have real problems, powerful friendships, and chosen families who support each other.

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