One dressmaker. One billionaire. Two broken hearts. How long could it last?

Darlington Vineyard is the perfect wedding venue, and Andie Gray has always made sure she had a date booked, with or without a fiance. Her dreams come true when she lands the perfect man to go with the perfect venue, but then she discovers he's not who she thought he was. All of a sudden love and fairy tales no longer make sense, leaving her questioning everything about her life...

Taylor Ballin knows what he wants, and love isn't it. He's been burned before, and it won't happen again. How was he to know that offering to pay for his sister's wedding would bring bridal seamstress Andie Gray, with her maddening allure, into his world and tear down the walls he'd built around his heart?

She's the kind of woman he's spent ten years avoiding, and he's everything her ex is. But the pull between them is unavoidable and neither of them can fight it. Perhaps a no-strings-attached kind of deal is exactly what they both need.

Or is it the one thing they should avoid?

About the author(s)

Australian author R.J. Groves has been passionate about writing since she could put pen to paper and can usually be found jotting plots and stories down on anything she can get her hands on. Describing herself as a mum, wife, author, and coffee lover, her other passions include music, cooking, books, adventures, and searching for plot bunnies in even the most mundane activities.

Find her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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