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SPORTS B13 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018 CALGARY HERALD PAID ADVERTISEMENT New Painkiller Works On Contact, Numbs Arthritis Pain In Minutes Find local business news, analysis and features that matter, daily in FP Calgary. New cream relieves arthritis pain in minutes after applying; uses the strongest approved dose of an anesthetic which numbs the nerves that cause agonizing joint pain By Pierre Watson Associated Health Press TORONTO – Expectations are high for a new breakthrough in arthritis pain relief. But unlike so many of the others, it comes in the form of cream, not a pill. Initial users say the relief is extraordinary and when you look at the science it’s easy to see why. The new pain relief cream numbs the nerves right below the skin. When applied to an arthritic joint, or a painful area on the body, it delivers rapid relief that lasts for hours and hours. NO PILL OR NEEDLES - JUST RELIEF: Apeaz delivers its active ingredient, a powerful painkiller, through the skin, providing users with rapid relief without pills or needle injections Rapid Relief Without Pills or Needle Injections Amazing Long Term Results Blocks Pain Wherever It Hurts Even more remarkable, in the same study was also shown to prevent the further destruction of cartilage, a major cause of arthritis. “One of the most impressive things about the study was the various ways was able to influence levels of pain. Many painkillers, and even creams, simply mask your pain. is different. Since it is absorbed through the skin it deliver rapid relief and is able to deliver its ingredients directly to infected arthritic tissue” explains Esber. Many users report significant improvements in daily aches and pain. Many others also report increased flexibility, less stiffness, and decreased muscle soreness. They are moving with less pain for the first time in years. Apeaz Apeaz The powerful painkilling effect is created by the cream’s active ingredient, a powerful anesthetic. Anesthetics are highly regarded by physicians in the medical community. They block specific signals so that patients don’t feel pain and are incredibly effective. Apeaz “I’ve tried more pills than I can count. I’ve also had a handful of cortisone shots. Nothing is as effective as this product. With Apeaz, I get relief right away. I rub a little on my hands. It keeps the pain away. It also prevents the pain from getting really bad. It’s completely changed my life,” raves one user. Apeaz “Those suffering with arthritis or joint pain can expect relief within minutes of their first application,” explains Dr. Henry Esber, creator of the hot selling topical Apeaz. A New Weapon for Arthritis and Joint Pain “There will be a pleasant warming sensation that is followed by a cool, soothing one. This is how you know that the anesthetic and the active ingredients has reached the affected joint and tissue.” Apeaz™ is a Natural Health Product for the following conditions: With daily use, helps users live a more vital, pain free relief without any of the negative side effects or interactions associated with oral drugs. Through the use powerful anesthetic, is able to numb pain at the source, specifically around joints plagued by arthritis. Readers can now enjoy an entirely new level of comfort that’s both safe and affordable. It is also extremely effective, especially if nothing else has worked. Apeaz • Temporary pain • Simple back pain • Strains • Sprains • Athletic injuries • Muscle stiffness and pain • Wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot, muscle or joint pain of a Soothes in Minutes Apeaz For arthritis pain, offers impressive advantages over traditional medications. The most remarkable is how quickly it relieves arthritis and joint pain. The cream contains the maximum approved OTC dose of an amazing anesthetic, which rapidly penetrates the skin to numb the area that’s hurting. This relief lasts for several hours. Published pre-clinical animal studies have shown that the other ingredients in can also prevent further bone and cartilage destruction. sufferers of Apeaz How to Claim a Risk Free Supply of The New Science Behind Arthritis Pain Relief Apeaz This is the official public release of Apeaz™. As such, the company is offering a special discounted supply to any joint-pain arthritis sufferer who calls within the next 48 hours. A special hotline number and discounted pricing has been created for all Canadian residents. Discounts will be available starting today at 6:00AM and will automatically be applied to all callers. Your Toll-Free hotline number is 1-800-380-6044 and will only be open for the next 48 hours. Only a limited discounted supply of Apeaz™ is currently available in your region. Consumers who miss out on our current product inventory will have to wait until more becomes available and that could take weeks. Experience the guaranteed Apeaz™ relief already enjoyed by thousands of consumers. The company advises not to wait. Call 1-800-380-6044 today. When applied to the skin Apeaz is absorbed in just minutes. It then penetrates through muscle and tissues, getting to the source of you pain, numbing the nerve endings. “This is why Apeaz is so effective for people with arthritis pain. It reduces pain while adding an additional potential layer of joint support,” explains Esber. HELP ONE. HELP maNy. Apeaz HELP CALGARIANS IN NEED BELIEVE IN THE HOLIDAYS AGAIN. No Risk of Ulcers or Stomach Pain There are also negative side effects seen with pills. delivers its ingredients through the skin. Oral medications are absorbed in the digestive tract. Over time, the chemicals in pills can tear the delicate lining of the stomach, causing ulcers and bleeding. no as Your donation to the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund will help local charities address the critical needs faced by thousands of Calgarians every day, including hunger, homelessness, addiction, and abuse. A proud recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Calgary Corporate Philanthropist and 2013 International Corporate Philanthropist Awards, The Calgary Herald Christmas Fund has been helping local charities fulfill their missions since 1991. Calgarians have generously donated more than $27 million dollars to the Fund; each year, 100% of the funds raised are shared by local charities. Apeaz Highly Effective, According to Researchers pre-clinical trial on was carried out by Dr. Esber and his research staff shortly after its initial production. The results published in the A Apeaz were A Low Cost Alternative That Works page A2 403.235.7481 Visit | Clip the donation form on | Call Journal of Immunology. PLEASE DONATE TODAY There are also tremendous savings when switching over to a topical like When compared to arthritis medications, is a fraction of the cost. At less than $2 a day, the cream is quickly becoming a household name. study found that induced an instant numbing effect, which blocked pain for several hours. It also decreasing swelling and inflammation around joints. The Apeaz Apeaz. 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