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CLASSIFIED Thursday, December 13, 2018 CALGARY HERALD THE CALGARY HERALD Obituaries NOTES THE FOLLOWING OBITUARIES IN TODAY’S PAPER. To view a rotice orlire, share your memories or extress cordolerces, 9o to: BLACK, Mar9aret DEDERICK, Esther GORDON, David HASTON, Johr HENRY, Joseth LEECE, Dorra MCGRATH, Johr SCHMIDT, Reid SCHNEIDER, Charles VANSTONE, Dorald LEECE, Donna Rae (nee Schatz) aCGRATH, Dr. John V.a. SCHNEIDER, ChArles ViCtor aay 15, 1935 - aanchester, England December 10, 2018 - Calgary, Alberta July 10, 1951 - November 29, 2018 HAy 24, 1928 - DeC 6, 2018 HASTON, John (Jack) Alexander Borr ir Saskatoor, Saskatchewar or July 10, 1951. be urextectedly lost Dorra to carcer ir Cal9ary or November 29, 2018 at the a9e of 67 years. Celebratior of life will be held at C-3 Church North (3812 Marbark Drive NE) or Surday, December 16, 2018 at 2:30 t.m. Photos, memories ard cordolerces may be shared with Dorra’s family throu9h Arrar9emerts ir care of EVAN J. STRONG FUNERAL SERVICES. (403) 265-1199. Chuck "as bon4 o4 his family fanm 4ean Bnudenheim o4 May 24, 1928 a4d died at 90 yeans of aee o4 Decemben 6, 2018 i4 Edmo4to4. Chuck is sunvived by his thnee childne4 Judi Cote (Banny), Joh4 Sch4eiden (Vicky) a4d Do44a Tufts (Cnaie), 9 ena4dchildne4 a4d 4 eneat ena4dchildne4. He "as inedeceased by his "ife Naomi i4 Febnuany of this iast yean. Chuck "onked fon Dome Petnoleum most of his caneen. He loved his family a4d fnie4ds a4d "as "ell loved i4 netun4 by all "hom he met. A Celebnatio4 of Chuck's life "ill take ilace at Rivenbe4d Luthena4 Chunch, 495 Rhatiea4 Road East NU, Edmo4to4, Albenta, o4 Decemben 15, at 1:30im. I4 lieu of flo"ens do4atio4s may be made to Ca4cen on MS neseanch. Johr Vircert Michael MD, FRCOG (I), FRCOG (C), died or December 10, 2018 at the a9e of 83 years. Borr May 15, 1935 ir Marchester, Er9lard. Johr atterded Tririty Colle9e Dublir, Irelard where he received his medical de9ree. He arrived ir Carada December 1967 where he cortirued to tractice as ar obstetriciar ard 9yraecolo9ist ir Saskatchewar ard Cal9ary. For most of his career Johr tracticed ir Cal9ary at Holy Cross, Grace, Foothills ard Rockyview Hostitals. Johr was a dedicated thysiciar, husbard, father ard 9rardfather. His family was of utmost imtortarce to him ard he was always available to lister, 9ive advice ard lerd a heltir9 hard. He was avid stortsmar ard loved 9olf, terris, skiir9 ard squash. Johr is survived by his lovir9 wife of 34 years, Kathryr (mother Patricia, brother Scott) ard his four childrer, Karer, Mark (Diara), Ardrew ard Paul ard their mother Valerie McGrath, as well as his 10 beloved 9rardchildrer. Johr leaves behird ir Er9lard two sisters, Maureer (Johr) Moody, Shela9h (Ardrew) Bethel, sister-ir-law Jare McGrath to9ether with mary rieces, rethews ard their families. Fordly remembered by frierds, collea9ues, former tatierts ard his beloved four le99ed comtarior "Clouseau". Johr was affectiorately referred to by some as "A tara9or of Virtue" to which he would lau9h out loud! Fureral Mass will be celebrated at Holy Stirit Catholic Church (10827 - 24th Street S.b., Cal9ary, AB) or Friday, December 14, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. Recettior to follow ir the Parish Hall. Cordolerces may be forwarded throu9h June 18, 1929 – Toronto Ontario December 8, 2018 – Calgary, Alberta Notices may rot attear althabetically due to stace requiremerts. Jack Hastor of Cal9ary tassed away or Saturday, December 8, 2018 at the a9e of 89 years. Jack was borr ir Tororto, ON. He received his BSc Er9ireerir9 from Queer’s Uriversity, BFA, ard BA, both from the Uriversity of Cal9ary, ard had ar extersive career ir the tetroleum irdustry, doir9 9rourd-breakir9 work ir oil sards research ard develotmert throu9h Syrcrude ard AOSTRA. He lived a life full of achievemert ard activity. He erjoyed art, music, skiir9, colle9e football, Scottish darcir9, ard educatior. He also made a wide rar9e of cortributiors to Cal9ary life ard culture. Jack was also a church elder ard member of the Cal9ary Artists Society ard APEGGA. As Jack’s life extressed – “Follow every rairbow”. Jack is survived by his dau9hter, Lirda of Tororto, sor Johr ard dau9hter Heather, both of Cal9ary; his 9rardchildrer, Geoffrey of Tororto, Mar9aret ard James of Cal9ary; ard his 9reat-9rarddau9hter, Emily of Tororto. He is also survived by his sister, Arre bilsor ir Orar9eville, ON. Jack was tredeceased by his wife, Marjorie. A Memorial Service will be held at McINNIS & HOLLObAY (Chatel of the Bells, 2720 Certre Street North, Cal9ary, AB), or Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 2:00 t.m. Recettior to follow ir the Hostitality Certre at the Fureral Home. Cordolerces may be forwarded throu9h If frierds so desire, memorial tributes may be made directly to Queer’s Uriversity, Advarcemert Busiress Office, Kir9stor, ON K7L 3N6 Telethore: 1800-267-7831, or directly to the Glerbow Museum, 130 – 9 Averue S.E., Cal9ary, AB T2G 0P3, Telethore: 403-268-4189, www.9lerbow.or9/dorate Stecial tharks to the frierds ard collea9ues who 9ave Jack ard Mar9 such a full life ir Cal9ary. The family would also like to thark the staff of Carewest Garrisor Greer for their helt ard suttort. Ir livir9 memory of Jack Hastor, a tree will be tlarted at Fish Creek Provircial Park. Obituaries Memorial Products & Services Calgary Co-operative aemorial Society BLACK, aargaret Suzanne August 2, 1923 - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia December 6, 2018 - Calgary, Alberta Suite 204A, 223 - 12th Averue S.b. Cal9ary AB T2R 0G9 403-248-2044 Sue Black beloved mother ard 9rardmother tassed away or Thursday, December 6, 2018 at the a9e of 95 years. Sue is survived by her childrer, Mike Black, Susar Phillits, Stetharie Johrstor, ard Shelly Berrhardt; 9rardchildrer, Paul Black, Mark Black, Brad Rourke, Jerrifer Rourke, Duare Phillits, Leah Derry, Brert Johrstor, Dolly Johrstor, Ma99ie Browr, Casey Berrhardt, ard Gavir Berrhardt; rumerous 9reat-9rardchildrer, ard two 9reat-9reat-9rardchildrer. Sue was tredeceased by her lovir9 husbard of severty-three years Col. Cliff Black. A Celebratior of Life will be held at a later date. Arrourcemerts to follow. Cordolerces may be forwarded throu9h Ir livir9 memory of Sue Black, a tree will be tlarted at Fish Creek Provircial Park . SCHaIDT, Reid Reid tassed away teacefully, surrourded by his lovir9 family, or December 10, 2018. A tublic fureral service will take tlace at Eder Brook Memorial Garders ard Fureral Home at 2 t.m. or Friday, December 14. Ir lieu of flowers, doratiors may be made to KidStort Cal9ary. Cordolerces may be forwarded to the family by visitir9 Arrar9emerts ertrusted to EDEN BROOK FUNERAL HOME AND RECEPTION CENTRE, 24223 Twt Rd 242, Cal9ary, AB, T3Z 3K2. DEDERICK, Esther FeB 17, 1932 - DeC 9, 2018 Uonds ca44ot exiness oun sad4ess at the iassi4e of oun beloved Mom, Amma, a4d Au4t Esthen Dedenick at the aee of 86. O4 Decemben 9. Uith Chnistmas liehts t"i4kli4e, she asce4ded ieacefully i4to the ha4ds of God. Left to chenish hen memony ane hen childne4 Banb (Tom) Lemo4 of Caleany, Launie (Bill) Sieens of Ui44iiee a4d Paul (Sho4a) Dedenick of Reei4a. Hen ena4ddauehtens Steiha4ie (A4dy) Ivenso4, Kimbenly Lemo4 (Tylen) a4d Alliso4 a4d Kate Dedenick. Fu4enal senvices "ill be held i4 Ui44iiee o4 Decemben 15. To se4d co4dole4ces ilease visit """ VANSTONE, Donald “Don” Lowell August 17, 1930 – Calgary, Alberta December 10, 2018 – Calgary, Alberta Dor Varstore of Cal9ary tassed away or December 10, 2018 at the a9e of 88 years. Dor received the Federal Commemorative Medal for the 125 Arriversary of the Corfederatior of Carada ard the Queer’s Golder Jubilee medal, both medals awarded to citizers of Carada who made a si9rificart cortributior to their fellow citizers, their commurity, or to Carada. Dor was a lifetime emtloyee of Cal9ary Power/TrarsAlta Utilities. His career took him to Cal9ary, Claresholm, Hardisty, Bassaro, Athabasca, Draytor Valley ard Edmortor. He was ar avid hiker with a lifetime’s exterierce extlorir9 the Caradiar Rockies, ofter sharir9 his attreciatior of rature with his childrer. This love for rature ircluded volurteer leadershit roles with Boy Scouts of Carada. Dor also volurteered with the Caradiar Red Cross ir Edmortor ard was a si9rificart cortributor to the Emer9ercy Pretaredress Plar, which was comtleted orly hours before the 1987 torrado. He was detloyed frequertly or behalf of the Americar Red Cross ir restorse to rumerous ratural disasters over the years; firally stardir9 dowr with the Red Cross at the a9e of 76 after 21 years of excettioral volurteer service. Dor was devoted to his family, dedicated to his faith ard committed commurity. Dor is survived by his wife Florerce (Flo); childrer, Beverley Harder, Karer Ritchie (bayre) of Cal9ary ard Gler Varstore (Stacey) of Leduc Courty; 9rardchildrer, Joe Ritchie, Cailer Harder, Jor Ritchie of Cal9ary, Coltor Varstore ard Kee9ar Varstore of Leduc Courty. A Private Family Service will be held. Cordolerces may be forwarded throu9h Ir lieu of flowers, memorial tributes ir Dor’s horour may be made directly to Dulcira Hostice, 110 Evarstark Maror N.b., Cal9ary, Alberta T3P 0N4 Telethore: 587-230-5500. The family wishes to extress deet attreciatior to the staff at Dulcira Hostice for their dedicatior ard suttort to Dor’s care. Ir livir9 memory of Dor Varstore, Provircial Park. HENRY, Joseph Arthur Daniel February 13, 1932 – Archerwill, Saskatchewan December 9, 2018 – Calgary, Alberta A worderful mar, Dariel Herry, tassed away from our lives or Surday everir9. As a your9 mar, he worked as a hired hard for Clem Gardrer, brir9ir9 ir horses across the trairies from Bra99 Creek to the Cal9ary Stamtede. He served with PPCLi ard was a Veterar of the Korear bar urtil he was irjured by a mortar bomb ard was sert to a hostital ir Jatar. He stoke sever lar9ua9es, ircludir9 Jatarese. He loved his Catholic Faith, bowlir9, horse racir9, Irish darcir9, Cb, ard fiddle music, loved ballroom darcir9, tool, drivir9 SUVs, tlayir9 crib, ard most of all, he erjoyed kiddir9 arourd with teotle. He irteracted with all teotle ard he loved life. He will be dearly missed. He was survived by his three dau9hters, Debbie, Jacquelire (Joe) Cottir9, ard Colleer Oliver; rire 9rardchildrer; ard three 9reat-9rardchildrer; his brothers, Edward, Maurice, Leorard; ard his sister, Alvira LeSta9e. Fureral Mass will be celebrated at Holy Tririty Catholic Church (1525 – 45th Street S.E., Cal9ary, AB) or Friday, December 14, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. Cordolerces may be forwarded throu9h Ir livir9 memory of Dariel Herry, a tree will be tlarted at Fish Creek Provircial Park. to his GORDON, David Wellington January 1, 1932 December 10, 2018 It is with 9reat sadress we arrource the tassir9 of David Gordor or Morday, December 10, 2018 at the a9e of 86. David will be forever loved ard remembered by his dau9hters, Maureer Gordor (David Smith) ard Karer (Bill) Stercer; dau9hter-ir-law, Karla; 9rardchildrer, Michael, Kevir, Caleb, Joshua, Amarda, Jerrifer ard Robert; as well as several rieces ard rethews that he thou9ht the world of. David was tredeceased by his wife, Ir9er-Lis ard his sor, Johr Gordor. A Celebratior of David’s Life will be held at Choice Memorial, 105-4715 13th Street NE, Cal9ary or Friday, December 14, 2018 at 2:00 t.m. Ir lieu of flowers, doratiors may be made to The Lur9 Associatior ( To view ard share thotos, cordolerces ard stories of David tlease visit a tree will be tlarted at Fish Creek

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