Calgary Herald : 2020-06-11

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YOU B16 THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020 CALGARY HERALD Public Notices Customer Service Public Notices PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that pursuant to By-law Number 1 of the Alberta Motor Associatio­n (the "AMA") nomination­s will be received for election to the Calgary Regional Advisory Board of the AMA resident in the Calgary Region, provided that any nomination is received at the Calgary Regional Office at 4700 17 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta within 10 days of the publicatio­n of this notice and such nomination bears both the written consent of the nominee and the signatures of at least 50 Primary Members of the AMA resident in the Calgary Region. Take further notice that for this election no Primary Member may sign the nomination of more than one nominee. Walton Northpoint •ast Developmen­t Lcpc WATER ACT NOTICE OF APPLICATIO­N Walton Northpoint East Notice is given that Developmen­t L.P. has filed an applicatio­n under the provisions of the to permanentl­y disturb four (i) water bodies (wetlands) for the purpose of constructi­ng a mixed-use developmen­t located within the City of Calgary at SW hl-eg5-go-wim and S• h5-eg5-go-wimc wll permanent wetland loss will be replaced in accordance with the wlberta Wetland Policyc Water Act CARRIERS NEEDED Comm. & Indust. Prop. for Sale wny person who is directly affected by this applicatio­n may submit a written statement of concerna within seven (m) days of the date of this noticea top HIGH RIVER & OKOTOKS EARLY MORNING DELIVERY OF NEWSPAPERS 7 DAYS A WEEK •nvironment and Parks Regulatory wpprovals Centre 5th Floora South Petroleum Plaza oof5 fen Street •dmontona wlberta T5K ggn Phonep mne-igm-lhff Faxp mne-igg-ef5i •mailp aepcwaappl­icationsvg­ovcabcca RELIABLE VEHICLE NECESSARY 403-819-7411 HOSPITALIT­Y IS BACK! The written statement include the followingp of concern should 5039451 (EMS • the applicatio­n number: OPPORTUNIT­Y IS KNOCKING! No. 001-00464802) • describe concerns that are relevant to Wishing all my clients in the hospitalit­y industry the best of luck going forward! We’ve missed you! If you’ve decided it’s time for a change of direction, let’s talk! matters regulated by the Water Act • explain how the filer of the concern will be directly affected by diversion of water applicatio­n the activity proposed anddor in the • provide the legal land location of the land owned or used by the filer where the concerns described are believed to be applicable Be well and stay safe! • state the distance between the land GORD HYLAND owned or used by the filer and the site in the applicatio­n CARRIERS NEEDED Website:­ • contact informatio­n including the full name and mailing address of the filerc provide the telephone number email address for ease of contactc Please anddor Email: “Calgary’s Restaurant Realtor”® Banff Trail, Bowness, Brentwood, Capitol Hill, Silver Springs, Charleswoo­d, Montgomery, Mt Pleasant, Varsity Estates, Sunnyside, and Valley Ridge Maxwell Capital Realty •nvironment and Parks will review each written submission­a seek more informatio­n if neededa and notify each filer by letter whether their submission is a statement of concern pursuant to Section feo of the wctc The Public Notice of this applicatio­n will also be posted on the Department’s website at httpspddav­wcalbertac­cadpublicn­oticesview­ercaspx c Bus: 403-253-5678 Cell: 403-703-7827 Call Tad 403-808-5626 Afridausma­ ADVERTISEM­ENT 5039451 Please quote file numberp space open wll submission­s regarding this applicatio­n are public recordsa which are accessible by the public and the wpplicantc Failure to file a statement of concern may affect the right to file a notice of appeal with the •nvironment­al wppeals xoardc Copies of the applicatio­n and informatio­n can be obtained fromp additional Carly Silver Stantec Consulting Ltdc geea hg5 g5 Street S• Calgarya wlberta Tgw mhn Phonep ieh-5lo-5hoo •mailp carlycsilv­ervstantec­ccom CARRIERS NEEDED Abbeydale, Coral Springs, Marlboroug­h, Forest Lawn, Dover, Temple, Pineridge, Rundle & Falconridg­e Call Cathy 403-630-6203 Appliances ANNOUNCE YOUR EVENT OR CELEBRATIO­N! SELL YOUR STUFF! RENT YOUR PLACE! Use our online self serve to place your onlinedpri­nt combo or online only ad! Place your ad in the Calgary SUN and the wirdrie •cho at the same timec FREE options available! Go to classified­s.calgary Clothing Local Premium Designer Washable Face Masks: Visit Modernmask­ Health & Beauty Face Shields $49.99 per pack of 10 •mail for detailsc craigvscor­piondoor stopccom Legal & Tender Notices NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS •state of xruno Jc Fittkau (also known as xruno Joseph Fittkau) who died on July gia gefoc If you have a claim against this •statea you must file your claim by July ffa gege and provide details of your claim withp Jason •c Sweeney Solicitor for the Personal Representa­tive atp UND•RWOOD GILHOLM• #gfea io5i-richard Road SW Calgarya wlberta Th• llf If you do not file by the date abovea the estate property can lawfully be distribute­d without regard to any claim you may havec

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