Medicine Hat News : 2021-01-07

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A6 IN THE NEWS Thursday, January 7, 2021 — THE MEDICINE HAT NEWS DO YOU HAVE FOOT PAIN? We are first in experience and first in patient care! Our Certified Orthotists have 71 years of Experience. t $PNQMFUF $PMMJTJPO 3FQBJS t #JH 3JH 3FQBJS 1BJOUJOH t 4BOECMBTUJ­OH t *OEVTUSJBM 1BJOUJOH t 8JOETIJFME 3FQMBDFNFO­U t 3PDL $IJQ 3FQBJS t *OTVSBODF $MBJNT t -JGFUJNF 1BJOU 8BSSBOUZ SPECIALIZI­NG IN INSURANCE CLAIMS WCB & AADL Authorized Vendors Maximize Your Comfort Level Today! SEE US TODAY FOR A STRESS FREE REPAIR EXPERIENCE. TRUTH MATTERS. JOURNALISM MATTERS. #4, 1036 – 7th Street SW WE DEAL DIRECTLY WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY... HELPING YOU GET BACK ON THE ROAD QUICKLY! 403-504-8160 (In the Ridge) VISIT US IN OUR NEW LOCATION!!! 403-528-8003 WE YOUR CAR! www.medicineha­ Hwy. #1, 3 kms. East of Medicine Hat, AB