Hindustan Times (Amritsar) : 2019-02-10

Sportsmax : 20 : 18


18 hindustantimes SUNDAY HINDUSTAN TIMES, CHANDIGARH FEBRUARY 10, 2019 htsportsmax EPL STANDING P W D L GD PTS 65 62 57 51 26 26 25 26 20 20 19 15 5 2 0 6 1 4 6 5 44 48 27 17 Man Utd GOVERNMENT OF HIMACHAL PRADESH PRINTING AND STATIONERY DEPARTMENT SHORT E-TENDER NOTICE Tender bids are electronically invited by the Controller, Printing and Stationery Department, H.P. Ghora Chowki, Shimla-171005 for the printing and supply of Envelopes:If Sl. No. Description Date upto which tender can be uploaded/submitted. Date and time of opening of Technical Bids Printing and Supply of different type/colours of Envelopes of Election Department. 25-02-2019 upto 11:00 A.M. 25-02-2019 at 11:30 A.M. 1. the opening date happens to be a closed day then the tenders will be opened on the next working day. The complete details including tender form, tender schedules (referred in e-tendering as Bill of Quantity) and terms and conditions will be available for downloading from 11-02-2019 onwards on website http://hptenders/gov.in. The earnest money of Rs.50,000/-only (Fifty thousand) in the shape of FDR duly pledged in favour of the Controller, Printing & Stationery Department, H.P. Shimla-171005 should be submitted before the date of opening of Technical bids. The cost of tender form is Rs.500/- which is not refundable and payable in favour of Controller, Printing & Stationery Department, H.P. Shimla-171005 in shape of Demand Draft, which shall be submitted by post before the date of opening of tenders. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Instruction to Bidders regarding e-tendering process:- (a) To participate in bidding process, bidders have to get "Digital Signature Certificate" (Class-II or Class-III) as per information Technology Act-2000, to participate in online bidding. This certificate will be required for digitally signing the bid. Bidders can get above mentioned Digital Signature Certificate from any approved vendors. Bidders, who already possess valid Digital Signature Certificate, need not procure new Digital Signature Cer tificate. (b) The bidders have to submit their bids online in electronic format with digital signature. The bids without digital signatures will not be accepted. No proposal will be accepted in physical form. (c) The depar tment will not be responsible for delay in online submission due to any reasons. (d) Bidders should get ready with the scanned copies of documents for cover information including cost of documents & EMD as specified in the tender documents. The original documents in respect of cost of tender form. EMD and additional documents if required shall be submitted in favour of Controller, Printing and Statiionery Department, H.P. Shimla-171005 before the date of opening of tenders. (e) No proposal/tender will be accepted on the basis of hard copies/ manual tender in physical form. On line submission of documents is mandatory. (f) The tender documents shall be uploaded in two covers, Each cover shall contain separately the "TECHNICAL BID" and the "FINANCIAL BID". (f) Cover-1. shall be "TECHNICAL BID" containing scanned of required documents as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions of tender. The "TECHNICAL BID" shall be opened on the date of opening of tender(s) (g) Cover-2 shall be "FINANCIAL BID" containing BOQ (Bill of Quantity) of rates. After the evaluation and approval of the technical proposal the "FINANCIAL BID" shall be opened of the technically qualified/accepted bids only. The Controller, Printing and Statiionery Department, H.P. Shimla may reject such tenders received with incomplete documents or non-receipt of requisite documents within stipulated period. The Controller, Printing and Statiionery Department, H.P. Shimla reserves the right of rejection/approval of all or any of the tender without assigning any reasons thereof. Please contact this office for any kind of technical assistance/ guidance. 2. 3. 4. Controller Printing and Stationery Department Himachal Pradesh, Shimla & 171005. 4628 Team Liverpool Man City Tottenham

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