Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01



A GLASS ABOVE Wine glasses have long been proven to elevate the appreciati­on of fine wine, and now you have two worthy new options for your grand crus. “Weightless” is one of the most surprising elements about Grassl’s Vigneron wine glasses. These mouthblown lead-free crystal glasses are gossamer thin, from the rim to the stem, but prove to have tensile strength thanks to the craftsmans­hip. Founder and designer Alexander Mackh was dissatisfi­ed with the universal and specialist glasses in the market in 2018, and decided to combine his wish list of features into a range of glassware. The result was a cult hit, despite being a new brand in an already establishe­d market. From the range, 1855 and Cru ($69 each) are ideal for full-bodied and delicate single varietal reds respective­ly, while Mineralité and Liberté ($59 each) are purposed for crisp/sparkling and oaky whites respective­ly. Liberté comes closes to being a universal glass, although it really pays off to have the right wine in the appropriat­e glass to experience more nuances. There’s also an everyday range of mouthblown Elemental glasses, which distributo­r finewines.com.sg may be able to order for you. Purchase any five glasses and receive the sixth free. 44 epicureasi­a.com The Jancis Robinson collection offers just one single stemmed Wine Glass – a resounding vote for the universal glass concept coming from the doyenne of wine writing. The collaborat­ion between product designer Richard Brendon and Master of Wine Robinson sees a mouth-blown, lead-free crystal glass with a tulip-shaped bowl that suits every wine, from bubbles to fortified styles and young or old still wines ($124 for 2). What is particular­ly striking is the refinement of the shape and seamlessne­ss of the tapered rim, making the motion of bringing wine to your lips a sheer delight. For those who wish to declutter their cabinets, this all-inone glass is able to withstand dishwasher use as well. The collection also includes a stemless Water Glass ($88 for 2, with the same dimensions as the wine glass), and two decanters for old and young wines. The generously sized Young Wine Decanter ($175) can hold up to a magnum, with ample space for swirling and aerating, while the Old Wine Decanter ($215) has a slender bottle shape to decant sediment and limit the wine’s surface area. Available in Singapore from weawines.com.sg

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