Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01

TIPPLE TIPS : 48 : 46


TIPPLE TIPS Brand ambassador Arlene Wong from Mr Black Coffee Liqueur reveals everything you need to know about making the perfect, luscious espresso martini. KNOW YOUR COFFEE e Classic Espresso Martini Moonless Sky • 60ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur • 30ml fresh espresso espresso beans, for garnish • 45ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur • 15ml genever • 15ml bianco vermouth • 5ml simple syrup • Prepare your espresso and cool it down to about 70°C. Too hot and the ice will shock the coffee, making it very acidic. • This recipe is for those looking to tone down the caffeine intake, and is made in the same way as the classic martini. • Combine ingredient­s in a shaker with ice, and shake vigorously for at least 20 seconds. • Strain into a chilled coupe or coupette glass, and carefully top with three espresso beans for garnish. 46 epicureasi­a.com

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