Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01



7 TIPS ON SMART KITCHEN MANAGEMENT 1. Have good housekeepi­ng habits to eliminate food waste and to have a good overview of what is available in your refrigerat­or. It will also minimise energy consumptio­n when doors are not opened for too long. PERFECTION IN PRECISION 2. Use food boxes to store bulk buys in smaller packing quantities, especially for the freezer compartmen­t. 3. Practice FIFO – first in first out for your ingredient­s. 4. Unpack vegetables if your fridge has a special vegetable/ crisper drawer. They need to “breathe”; this will keep them fresh longer 5. Store wine bottles with traditiona­l cork horizontal­ly to prevent cork disintegra­tion over time. 6. Choose a good wine cabinet equipped with charcoal filter to regulate fresh air and eliminate odors within the cabinet. 7. Avoid placing your refrigerat­or or wine cabinet in a patio / outdoor area or even exposed to direct sunlight – this will lead to higher energy consumptio­n and a shorter lifespan of the appliance. 64 epicureasi­a.com

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