Daily Trust : 2020-10-14

Opinion : 22 : 22


DAILY TRUST, Wednesday, October 14, 2020 OPINION 18 Like us on follow us on Twitter: Facebook.com/dailytrust @daily_trust opinion@dailytrust.com e-mail However, the Nigerian livestock sub-sector has not received maximum attention with regards to agricultur­al extension services, this is evident in the number of Extension Agents at the State’s Agricultur­al Developmen­t Projects (ADP) centers that are more focused on crops rather than livestock To improve the livestock extension service system, firstly, the states must deliberate­ly continue to take the responsibi­lity of providing agricultur­al extension services for all components of agricultur­e including livestock, particular­ly for rural farmers who cannot pay for private extension services NURA DAURA: NAZIRU MIKAILU: HAMZA IDRIS: AHMED SHEKARAU: Ag Chief Executive Officer Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief Editor, Daily Trust General Manager, Business & Strategy