Financial Mail : 2020-07-09

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BY THE NUMBERS HOW THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN AFFECTED BUSINESS IN MAY Access to financial resources 20.2% temporaril­y closed or paused trading activity 59% said access to financial resources remained the same, while 20.3% indicated a decrease in financial resources 51.6% 39.8% traded partially said they applied for financial assistance using government relief schemes 25.8% 54.9% Workforce measures implemente­d laid off staff in the short term say they can survive between 1 and 3 months without any turnover Increased working hours 4.7% 26.8% 61.6% Decreased working hours 35.1% of the workforce were able to meet business demands, 30.2% of the workforce were unable to meet business demands and the rest reported ‘not sure’ expected their workforce to decrease during the level 3 lockdown Laying off staff in the short term 25.8% Recruiting staff for the short term 0.8% 39% 13.5% Other 86.4% said their businesses would operate during level 3 indicated that prices of materials, goods or services purchased increased more than normal No measures have been taken 20.2% Source: Statistics SA VW Dataplug Cool factor Value for money x . financialm­ 13 July 9 - July 15, 2020

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