Lubricant World : 2020-03-01

ARTICLE : 28 : 28


ARTICLE re- refining capacity with a 400 million Turkish Lira investment value. Refinery is going to start operation by the end of September 2020. Refinery output will be Group II+ Base Oil. Process steps of the Re- Refinery given below. Distillati­on Process Steps • • • • Ertuğrul Kılıç TAYRAŞ / Process Engineer • • • Hydrotreat­ing Process Steps • • Hydrotreat­ing Section: Removal of sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen and reduction of aromatics Fractionat­ion Section: Separation of heavy base oil, light base oil and fuel fractions the distilled oil fractions are pressured 125 bar- g, heated to over 280 0C and mixed with hydrogen gas. The hot mixture of oil and gas is passed through a series of reactors. Hydrotreat­ing process involves reaction of hydrogenri­ch gas with oil, in this case distillate­s from used • • • LUBRICANT WORLD 28