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DX1ST television­express 36 Daily Express Wednesday, September 23, 2020 BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 Channel 5 6.00 Breakfast 6.30 7.15 8.00 The Repair Shop Garden Rescue Sign Zone: This Farming Life 6.00 Good Morning Britain 6.30 7.15 8.05 Mike & Molly Cheers Everybody Loves Raymond 6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! Presented by Dan Walker and Louise Minchin. ( R) ( R) Double bill. ( R) Double bill. ( R) Children’s shows. Discussion. A lively mix of news, current affairs and lifestyle features. Entertainm­ent, lifestyle and fashion news. A mix of celebrity chat, lifestyle features, advice and competitio­ns. Another helping of topical studio discussion from a female perspectiv­e, featuring celebrity interviews. 9.15 Crimewatch Roadshow Live 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer 9.00 Lorraine In Aberdeensh­ire, two deer farmers prepare for rutting season. ( R) Triple bill of the sitcom. ( R) Double bill. ( R) A tenant in rent arrears barricades her front door. ( R) 9.35 Frasier 10.35 Undercover Boss USA 11.30 Channel 4 News Summary 11.35 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12.30 Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown Properties in London’s East Ham, Liverpool and County Durham. ( R) Luxury handbags are sold at auction. The specialist­s investigat­e a manager taking the NHS for a ride. ( R) Host Anita Manning visits the Elsecar Heritage Centre in South Yorkshire. ( R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 11.15 Politics Live 1.00 The Boss 1.45 Make Me a Dealer 10.00 This Morning 12.10 5 News at Lunchtime 12.15 Police Intercepto­rs ( R) 11.00 Ill Gotten Gains Headline stories. Updates. Quiz show. ( R) A cattery owner and a handyman from Clevedon take part. ( R) The police chase a thief driving a souped- up Ford Mondeo. ( R) Showbiz news. See 6.00pm. See 5.30pm. 11.45 Fraud Squad: The Hunt 12.30 Loose Women ( R) 1.10 Access 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 Killer Secrets in the Sisterhood With Richard Digance in Dictionary Corner. Simon O’Brien repurposes some old suitcases, while Henry Cole gives an old dresser some serious bling. ( R) Scarlette Douglas helps Michelle and David from Liverpool search for a holiday home on Spain’s Costa del Sol with a budget of £ 60,000. 12.15 Bargain Hunt FILM 2.30 A Place to Call Home 1.30 1.55 2.00 ITV Lunchtime News Local News; Weather Judge Rinder 3.00 Find It, Fix It, Flog It Jack has to decide whether to confront his enemy head on. ( R) ( 2019/ PG) Premiere. A woman decides to join a women’s support group where she is forced to participat­e in questionab­le activities. Thriller, starring Claire Coffee and Lisa Berry. Double bill. The guys enjoy a ride in a police car; Phoebe learns Gary plans to ask her to move in with him. ( R) Headlines. Yashvi is dealt a blow after getting River to the hospital, and Chloe and Pierce’s CVS results elicit a favourable result, but Nicolette is unimpresse­d. ( R) Owen is told by Ryder who his real father might be, and struggles to deal with this new informatio­n. Justin’s life is in danger when he collapses while working with acid. ( R) Headlines. 1.00 1.30 1.45 BBC News at One; Weather BBC Local News; Weather Land Girls Cameras follow criminal barrister Robert Rinder as he takes on real- life cases. Rylan Clark- Neal hosts the revamped supermarke­t- based gameshow, inviting three pairs of shoppers to ‘ go wild in the aisles’ as they compete to win a £ 3,000 prize. Gameshow, with Ben Shephard, in which contestant­s answer questions to win turns on an arcade- style machine in the hope of winning up to £ 10,000. Bradley Walsh presents as contestant­s Russell, Asif, Sophie and Emily work as a team to take on one of the ruthless Chasers and secure a cash prize. 3.15 Chimps of the Lost Gorge: Natural World 4.00 A Place in the Sun Esther faces up to being pregnant and begins exploring her options. ( R) Documentar­y examining the lives of chimpanzee­s in Uganda’s Kyambura Gorge, a deep, forested ravine. ( R) The team explores the Arctic Ocean, one of the world’s most hostile environmen­ts, yet one that plays a crucial part in controllin­g the climate of the planet. ( R) A collection of previously unseen finds. ( R) 3.00 Supermarke­t Sweep ★ ★ ★ 2.30 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 4.00 Friends 4.15 Oceans: Arctic The duo celebrate seafood. ( R) 3.00 Escape to the Country 5.00 Couples Come Dine with Me A couple wishing to relocate to rural Northampto­nshire. ( R) Charlie Dimmock and Arit Anderson transform an out- dated old garden into a luxurious outdoor space for Sarah and Tristan in Stevenage. The experts take on the restoratio­n of a wall clock with an extraordin­ary story. Quiz show. Essex is the location for three couples to host a trio of dinner parties, including a pantomimet­hemed menu and an evening of north Indian cuisine. ( R) Smithers is forced to take a holiday and chooses Homer to act as his replacemen­t while he is away – with surprising consequenc­es. ( R) Sienna blames Warren for bringing up his past and making Brody feel he needs closure, and Mandy worries about Darren. 4.00 Tipping Point 5.00 5.30 5 News at 5 Neighbours 3.45 Garden Rescue 5.15 Flog It! 6.00 The Simpsons 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games 5.00 The Chase 4.30 The Repair Shop 6.00 Home and Away Contestant­s include YolanDa Brown, the Rev Kate Bottley and Joel Dommett. ( R) 5.15 6.00 6.30 6.55 Pointless BBC News at Six; Weather BBC Local News; Weather Party Political Broadcast 6.30 The Farmers’ Country Showdown 6.30 Hollyoaks 6.00 6.25 6.30 Local News; Weather Party Political Broadcast ITV Evening News; Weather Farmer Tereza shows her prize goats at the Tendring Hundred Show. ( R) 6.30 5 News Tonight ( R) BRUNEL: BUILDING A GREAT BRITAIN: Rob Bell explores the work of the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 9pm GRAYSON PERRY’S BIG AMERICAN ROAD TRIP: The artist spends time with people from all walks of life, 10pm EMMERDALE: Moira ( Natalie J Robb) decides to confront Belle, 7pm HARLOTS: Liv Tyler stars as Isabella in the period drama, 9pm FORT SALEM: As the series draws to a close, Tally ( Jessica Sutton) learns something new about Gerit, 10.45pm 7 7.00 The One Show 7.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 7.00 Emmerdale 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.00 Atlantic: A Year in the Wild Presented by Alex Jones and Amol Rajan. Featuring an investigat­ion into cold callers making false medical claims, and the supposed back protectors that actually put motorcycli­sts at risk. ( R) Belle plays dumb, Cain heads off with a bat, and Aaron is ashamed when reminded of his past. Peter asks Abi not to tell anyone she made a play for him as he doesn’t want Carla finding out. The latest headlines, in- depth interviews and analysis of topical political developmen­ts and current affairs. Plus, a look at the day’s leading sports stories as well as up- to- theminute weather reports. Ex- athletes Linford Christie and Katharine Merry join Christina Trevanion and David Harper to find items to sell at auction in Buckingham­shire to see who can make the most money. ( R) As winter draws to a close, days lengthen and food is plentiful again. However, spring in the north is short and creatures do not have long to find food and start a family. ( R); 5 News Update. 7.30 Fake Britain PM 7.30 Coronation Street 8 8.00 The Repair Shop 8.00 Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts 8.00 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport 8.00 Location, Location, Location: 20 Years and Counting 8.00 Walking Britain’s Roman Roads The team restores a set of bagpipes that saw action in the First World War, a silver Welsh crown of cultural significan­ce, an antique chair dating from the Carolean period, and a quirky tortoise- shaped bell. ( R) Mary prepares slow roast pork with crackling and buttery Colcannon mash. Nadiya Hussain shares some of her favourite savoury dishes, including teriyaki noodles. A bottle of water puts Virgin Atlantic’s punctualit­y record in jeopardy. Paul tells Billy that the Gazette are willing to run a story on Todd’s disappeara­nce. Presenter Dan Jones explores the historic Roman road of Ermine Street, which connected the cities of London and York. Plus, he examines religion in Roman Britain. ( R); 5 News Update. Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer look back on some of their previous house- hunting missions where lifestyle needed to be balanced with business. PM 8.30 Nadiya Bakes 8.30 Coronation Street 9 9.00 Ambulance 9.00 Harlots 9.00 Appropriat­e Adult 9.00 24 Hours in A& E 9.00 Brunel: Building a Great Britain A day of protests in the city of London causes disruption for the team. Elsewhere, staff receive a call about a patient who is not breathing, and advanced paramedic Kev is dispatched to deal with the cardiac arrest. Double bill. Isabella realises that her brother is determined to discover her secret. Period drama set in London in the 1760s following Margaret Wells as she struggles to reconcile her roles as mother and brothel owner. Starring Samantha Morton and Lesley Manville; in the final episode of the drama, Fallon asks Blayne for help as he could be exposed for attacking Amelia Scanwell. Conclusion. Voluntary worker Janet’s relationsh­ip with Fred West enters a new phase when she makes a series of visits to him in prison, aiming to persuade him to divulge informatio­n about other victims and the participat­ion of his wife in the crimes. Dominic West, Emily Watson and Monica Dolan star. ( R) A fresh perspectiv­e on the stories of the day, featuring national and internatio­nal headlines, with in- depth reports and analysis. A 14- year- old is rushed to St George’s after falling head first over the handlebars of her bike and hitting her head. Plus, Geoffrey, who is 56, has an infection that has left him with a compromise­d airway. Documentar­y examining the story of the Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the man who designed the world’s fastest railway, longest suspension bridge and largest ship. PM 10 NEW FILM 10.00 BBC News at Ten 10.00 Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip 10.55 Robin Hood The latest national and internatio­nal headlines. ( 2010/ 12) An archer fighting in Richard the Lionheart’s crusading army returns home to England and assumes the identity of a nobleman killed in battle. His new- found status draws him into a dangerous conflict with members of the newly crowned King John’s court, and a traitorous knight plots to aid the French in conquering England. Ridley Scott’s medieval adventure, starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Oscar Isaac and Mark Strong. Artist Grayson Perry travels across the pre- pandemic US to explore divisions across the nation. He begins his journey by tackling race in a trip across the American South. 10.30 BBC Local News 10.45 Fort Salem 10.30 ITV News PM Double bill. In the aftermath of Citydrop, the unit comes closer together. Meanwhile, Anacostia grants one last favour to Scylla; in the final episode, Raelle, Abigail and Tally graduate from basic training, and Abigail becomes desperate to prove her unit belongs. American supernatur­al drama, starring Taylor Hickson, Jessica Sutton and Ashley Nicole Williams. 10.45 Newsnight; Weather Analysis of the day’s important national and internatio­nal events, with Mark Urban. 11 11.30 Women’s Cricket: England v West Indies T20 Highlights 11.00 Local News; Weather 11.15 Peston 11.00 Trump: An American Dream Political magazine show presented by Robert Peston, featuring interviews with MPs, topical guests and cultural figures. Including updates from social media throughout the programme. Donald Trump’s journey through five decades as businessma­n, developer, media star before reaching the White House. The series also looks at how the president’s rise reflects the story of modern America. ( R) Action from the second match in the fivegame series at Incora County Ground in Derby, as the sides continued preparatio­ns for the ICC T20 World Cup. PM ★ ★ ★ 12 12.10am The Truth About Carbs 12.30am Sign Zone: The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments 1.30 12.10am British Touring Car Championsh­ip Highlights 12.05am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12.55 1.25 2.15 1.35am The 21. co. uk Live Casino Show 3.35 Dr Xand van Tulleken discovers whether carbohydra­tes really are as bad as many experts believe, looking at alternativ­es and teaming up with a Merseyside GP to trial a healthy eating plan. ( R) Weather for the Week Ahead BBC News Steve Rider presents action from the fifth round of the campaign at Thruxton. Teleshoppi­ng James Martin’s American Adventure. The travelling chef visits Dallas. ( R) ITV Nightscree­n Judge Rinder. Real- life cases. ( R) ( R) the Bomb Squad ( R) for Codgers ( R) ( 2013/ 15) Thriller, with Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning. Work on the Wild Side ( R) Fifteen to One ( R) Countdown ( R) Inside Lodgers NCIS: New Orleans. Triple bill. Sebastian is forced to assist in a prison break; a private plane crashes in a bayou; a Navy Seal candidate is killed weeks before his graduation. ( R) House Doctor. A house in West Dulwich, South London. ( R) ( R) The Diagnosis Detectives. The experts treat a man with a devastatin­g skin condition. ( R) Food: Truth or Scare. Gloria Hunniford finds out if drinking tea can increase the risk of cancer. ( R) This Is BBC Two FILM Night midnight 1.25 3.00 Moves 2.30 4.05 5.00 5.50- 6.30am 5.35- ★ ★ ★ ★ 1.10 1.15- 6.00am 3.50 5.05- 6.00am 6.00am 3.15- 6.30am REPEAT ( R) PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r. com + 1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW