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Freeview Primetime Planner : 55 : 57

Freeview Primetime Planner

57 FREEVIEW PRIMETIME PLANNER Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Daily Mail, ITV 3 ITV 4 MORE 4 PICK QUEST DAVE DRAMA 5STAR 5 USA 37 10 12 20 30 21 24 14 11 Steve Carell visits the shop Graeme Garden, Johnny Vaughan and Phill Jupitus join regular contributo­r Alan Davies and host Stephen Fry in the quiz show with a difference Following the discovery of Jason Blossom’s body, complete with gunshot wound to the head, Archie’s secret weighs on him more heavily than ever Vance’s brotherin-law Michael Thomas is linked to the murder of a petty officer, and Gibbs is placed under pressure to clear the man’s name Murder, She Wrote 7.05 Pawn Stars 6.55 The Supervet Ghost Whisperer Marooned with Ed Stafford 7.20 QI 7.15 Last of the Summer Wine Riverdale NCIS Jessica helps her accountant nephew, Grady, to investigat­e the mysterious death of his boss and deal with a ‘ghost’ haunting his office building Noel Fitzpatric­k treats a border collie for a lump on its ankle Melinda helps a baseball pitcher when the angry ghost of a former profession­al tries to take over his body during a game The explorer is stranded in the Carpathian Mountains and attempts to survive for ten days without supplies of food and water Auntie Wainwright is puzzled by the bargain she picked up at the auction rooms Rick gets to perform with Roger Daltrey Pawn Stars 7.55 Grand Designs Kevin McCloud follows the progress of architect Richard Hawkes and his wife, Sophie, as they move from London to the Kent countrysid­e to build a high-tech ecofriendl­y dream home Kara heads out on a solo mission to rescue Mon-El from the clutches of CADMUS, but comes face-to-face with a cyborg Hank Henshaw In Macclesfie­ld, Cheshire, Drew Pritchard meets a mother-and-son team. Later, in Leeds, he catches up with a young dealer with an eye for modern pieces Ziva and Tony are sent to Colombia to rescue a Navy chaplain kidnapped by rebels, but Gibbs discovers the minister may be more than just a missionary. With Jamie Lee Curtis Made in Britain Supergirl Salvage Hunters Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Father Brown Hellboy (2004,12) NCIS Agatha Christie’s Poirot How Aga stoves are made to last a lifetime, and a chance to see the work taking place at Britain’s last remaining tennis ball factory. Last in series Documentar­y following the work of the Staffordsh­ire Police force, featuring a hard-hitting mixture of bodycam and observatio­nal footage The priest joins the search for a girl who is believed to be radioactiv­e. Drama, with Kasia Koleczek and Mark Williams A demon baby summoned during a thwarted Nazi experiment grows up to be a U.S. government agent fighting against supernatur­al evil. Action fantasy based on the comic-book series, starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, John Hurt and Karel Roden. Includes Access Wasp’s Nest: Hastings’s new interest in photograph­y provides Poirot with the clue to solve a mystery Midsomer Murders Trial & Retributio­n The Enforcer (1976,18) Escape to the Chateau Law & Order: Special Victims Unit The Hunt for the Shoe Rapist James May: The Reassemble­r Dave’s Advent Calendar Death and Dreams: A depressive gambler is found dead, the apparent victim of suicide. Dr Jane Moore, who once treated the man, is adamant he wouldn’t have taken his own life — a theory backed up by the post-mortem. Thrilled to be working with Jane again, Barnaby investigat­es the case. John Nettles and Isla Blair star DI Pat North is assigned to look into a case that may clear a man convicted of murder eight years ago, and finds that DS Walker was in charge of the original inquiry. Crime drama from acclaimed writer Lynda La Plante, starring Kate Buffery, David Hayman and James Wilby Maverick cop ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan is unwillingl­y teamed up with a female partner as he takes on terrorists who plan to hold the city of San Francisco to ransom. Crime thriller sequel, starring Clint Eastwood, Tyne Daly and Harry Guardino. Includes FYI Daily The temperatur­es soar as Dick and Angel face the busiest period of the year Ed Gamble makes the ultimate Christmas cocktail A newspaper columnist is given access to the squad for an inside look at the New York Police Department. Mariska Hargitay stars Documentar­y examining how police caught a man in Rotherham who raped six women and stole their shoes James is faced with reassembli­ng a Seventies Honda Z50A Mini Trail Motorcycle from all its 303 component parts 9.05 Live at the Apollo With Julian Clary, Omid Djalili and Reginald D. Hunter Lucy Porter, Romesh Ranganatha­n and Robert Rinder discuss their pet hates Doc must spirit walk again to help to save the Chief of the Water Keepers and get the water flowing to Newmerica Room 101 10.20 The Sex Business: Porn Stars The World’s Most Expensive Toys Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Z Nation Olympic Park Machines with Jonny Smith Exploring the UK’s adult entertainm­ent industry, beginning by following relatively new recruits to the adult movie industry Documentar­y exploring the world of the craftspeop­le and inventors making gifts for Britain’s billionair­es The detectives trail a recently paroled rapist believed to be responsibl­e for the murder of a prostitute The motoring journalist goes behind the scenes of Britain’s ambitious constructi­on project, the 2012 Olympics 10.40 Mock the Week With Ed Byrne, Rob Beckett, Sara Pascoe and Ed Gamble Frank Skinner invites sports presenter Gabby Logan and comedians Richard Ayoade and Alun Cochrane to discuss their pet hates (To 12.00) 11.05 A Touch of Frost 11.20 Room 101 11.15 Silent Witness 11.05 The Gauntlet (1977,18) 11.20 The Sex Business: Working from Home 11.10 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Law & Order: Special Victims Unit The Force: North East The Unexplaine­d Files Keys to the Car: Jack is asked to investigat­e the theft of a car, which is finally found with the body of a drug dealer in the boot (To 1.10) Sam Ryan suspects foul play when she is called in to investigat­e the apparent suicide of a headmaster’s wife. Last in series (To 1.30) Action adventure, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, with Sondra Locke. Includes FYI Daily (To 1.20) Jon Richardson and James Acaster team up against Lee Mack and Sarah Millican. Jimmy Carr hosts (To 12.10) The dog unit deal with a man who has barricaded himself in his house, while a woman thought to have overdosed disappears (To 12.00) In the Borjami Valley, experts uncover bones they believe belong to a human over nine feet tall (To 12.00) A teenager is suspected of murder Documentar­y following three independen­t escorts (To 12.20) A body is found in the theatre staging Martha’s latest show (To 12.55) 11.55 Castle SKY CHRISTMAS TALKING PICTURES TV 4.00 4.25 5.35 11.30 3.30 4.00 4.15 4.30 Homes Under the Hammer. Most Haunted. Ghost Adventures. Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Helicopter ER. Fantasy Homes by the Sea. Into the Fire. The Killing Season. Helicopter ER. Crusade. Steve McQueen: Desert Racer. Prohibitio­n. Plane Resurrecti­on. Prohibitio­n. The Eugenics Crusade. Love Me. Prohibitio­n. Russell Howard Hour. League of Their Own. A Football Countdowns. One2Eleven — Ryan Giggs. One2Eleven — James Collins. One2Eleven — Wayne Hennessey. One2Eleven — Danny Gabbidon. Football Years. Football Countdowns. Soccer AM: The Best Bits. Football Countdowns. SPFL Round-Up. SPFL Greatest Games. Gillette Soccer Special. SPFL Round-Up. Soccer AM: The Best Bits. EFL Greatest Games. 6.40 5.00 6.00 7.00 Freeview 81 Sky 328 Virgin 445 Sky 303 Virgin 440 7.50 SKY PREMIERE 11.45am 10.50am FILM: Calling Paul Temple. (1948) (U) FILM: Tit for Tat. (1935) (U) A Family at War. Our Weekends in 1949. FILM: The Early Bird. (1965) The David Niven Show. FILM: The Divided Heart. (1954) (PG) Glimpses: The Last Day of Trolley Bus 666 Edgware. Public Eye. FILM: Captain Apache. (1971) (15) Glimpses: Sunday in Southend in 1959. The Gentle Touch. THE SANTA CLAUSE 2. (2002) (U) THE FAMILY STONE. (2005) (PG) DIE HARD. (1988) (15) TIM BURTON’S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. (1993) (PG) THE SANTA CLAUSE 2. (2002) (U) THE FAMILY STONE. (2005) DIE HARD. (1988) (15) 9.00 10.15 1.35pm 2.00 12.40pm 2.30 11.20 8.00 9.00 Sky 301 Virgin 431 4.45 5.00 10.00 5.30 11.15am 1.00pm HOLLY STAR. (2017) (PG) THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. (2017) (PG) LADY BIRD. (2017) (15) WONDER WHEEL. (2017) (12) HOLLY STAR. (2017) (PG) THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. (2017) (PG) LADY BIRD. (2017) (15) BOMB CITY. (2017) (15) PICK (DAYTIME) 3.00 3.30 4.45 11.00 6.00 6.30 (U) Freeview 11 Sky 152 Virgin 123 2.50 SKY ARTS 5.30 6.00 6.10 8.00 7.00 7.15 12noon 1.00 1.35 Ghost Whisperer. Close Calls: On Camera. Highway Cops. Caught on Dashcam. Border Security: America’s Front Line. Police Force: Australia. The Dog Whisperer UK. Stargate SG-1. 4.30 6.15 8.00 Sky 122 Virgin 122 7.30 7.45 (PG) 10.15 2.00 11.00am Willie Nelson & Friends: Outlaws & Angels. Discoverin­g: Anthony Quinn. Maria Callas: Legends of Opera. Tales of the Unexpected. Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me. Discoverin­g: Joan Crawford. Video Killed the Radio Star. Jefferson Airplane: Music Icons. Landscape Artist of the Year Discoverin­g: Faye The 2000s. 8.00 9.45 10.30 11.00 3.00 1.00pm 2.00 9.50 9.00 SKY COMEDY 4.00 5.00 11.35 10.50 SKY CRICKET SKY SELECT 11.00 Sky 307 Virgin 438 6.00 3.00 4.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 11.00am O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (2000) (12) PITCH PERFECT 3. (2017) (12) PRETTY WOMAN. (1990) (15) 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. (1999) (12) TABLE 19. (2017) (12) PITCH PERFECT 3. (2017) (12) PRETTY WOMAN. (1990) (15) DATE NIGHT. (2010) (15) Sky 404 Virgin 514 Sky 311 Virgin 442 QUEST (DAYTIME) 12.55pm 2.35 4.40 TCM 9.30am 10.00 Masterclas­s: Adam Gilchrist. Test Cricket. OneDay Internatio­nal Cricket. Internatio­nal T20 Cricket. 10.45am 12.45pm 3.35 AMERICAN MADE. (2017) (15) IN HARM’S WAY. (1965) (PG) LOST IN TRANSLATIO­N. (2003) (15) ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. (1999) (15) AMERICAN MADE. (2017) (15) A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. (1971) (18) Freeview 37 Sky 144 Virgin 172 4.00pm 10.00 Sky 315 Virgin 415 9.00am 10.00 Salvage Hunters. Gold Rush. Classic Car Rescue. How It’s Made: Dream Cars. Heavy Rescue. Fifth Gear. Wheeler Dealers. Mighty Ships. How Do They Do It? Wheeler Dealers. 7.55am 10.30 OCEAN’S 11. (1960) (PG) SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SPIDER WOMAN. (1944) (U) WICHITA. (1955) (U) A TIME FOR KILLING. (1967) (15) RETURN OF THE GUNFIGHTER. (1967) (U) AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. (1956) (U) ON DEADLY GROUND. (1994) (15) 8.00 11.00 5.20 8.00 10.00 6.25 8.00 9.40 11.45 10.00 11.00 2018. Dunaway. 12noon 1.00 3.00 SKY MIX 11.45 2.00 4.00 1.30pm Sky 121 Virgin 520 SKY ATLANTIC 3.25 5.00 9.15am 9.30 10.55 My Icon: Johnny Nelson NFL — Greatest Games. Sky Sports Scholars: The New Class: Joe Fraser. Sky Scholars: Lucy Garner. Sky Scholars: Mark English. Sporting Greats. My Icon: Johnny Nelson (Pt2). My Icon: Ebony RainfordBr­ent. My Icon: Linford Christie. My Icon: Martin Offiah. Sky Sports Scholars: The New Class: Freya Anderson. Sky Scholars: Holly Bradshaw. Sky Sports Scholars: The New Class: Imani Lansiquot. My Icon: Spencer Fearon. A New Life in Turin. NFL — Greatest Games. Sky Scholars: Olivia Breen. Sky Scholars: Siobhan O’Connor. Sky Sports Scholars: The New Class: Andrew Pozzi. My Icon: Henni Goya. A New Life in Turin. Mixtreme: World Snowboard Tour. Premier League 100 Club. Mountain Bike 2018. Sportswome­n. Live Mosconi Cup Pool. NFL Highlights. SKY WITNESS SKY ONE Sky 108 6.00 (Pt1). 5.35 9.00am 12noon 11.00 House. Without a Trace. Blue Bloods. The West Wing. House. CSI: Crime Scene Investigat­ion. Blue Bloods. My Brilliant Friend. True Detective. Sky 107 Virgin 112 REALLY 9.00 Sky 106 Virgin 110 2.00 6.00 7.00 11.10 11.20 11.30 12noon 1.00 3.00 Highway Cops. Paramedics. Road Wars. Motorway Patrol. Nothing to Declare. Border Security: America’s Front Line. Send in the Dogs. Paramedics. Criminal Minds. The Good Doctor. Murders That Shocked the Nation. Criminal Minds. Ecological Steven Seagal. 11.00am 1.00pm 4.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. Hawaii Five-0. MacGyver. Modern Family. The Simpsons. Futurama. The Simpsons. Arrow. SEAL Team. The Reluctant Landlord. Freeview 17 Sky 142 Virgin 129 4.00 2.00 thriller, starring 3.00 5.00 6.30 9.00 12noon 2.00 3.00 Escape to the Country. Fantasy Homes by the Sea. 4.00 11.10 1.10am OUT FOR JUSTICE. (1991) (18) CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA. 9.00 12noon 12.15 12.30 12.45 1.00 5.00 5.30 8.00 10.10 6.00 10.00 10.30 7.00 8.00 The TRUE ENTERTAINM­ENT 9.00 10.00 11.00 Freeview 61 Sky 179 Virgin 189 12noon 1.00 Little House on the Prairie. Born and Bred. FILM: for Christmas. (2012) (PG) Ironside. Murder, She Wrote. Born and Bred. M*A*S*H. Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Taggart. The Innocent. RADIO 2 FM: 88-90.2MHZ 1.10 1.20 2.00 SKY MAIN EVENT 5.00 6.30 Vanessa Feltz. Evans. Ken Bruce. Jeremy Vine. Steve Wright in the Afternoon. Jo Whiley & Simon Mayo. With guest Bill Bailey. Jamie Cullum. The Songs and Shows of World War I. Sara Cox. Music and chat. O.J. Borg. Chris Love 1.30 1.45 Sky 401 Virgin 511 9.30 2.00 5.00 12.00 4.00 5.00 9.00am 10.00 Good Morning Sports Fans. Sky Sports News. Sportswome­n. Sky Sports News. Sky Sports News at 5. Sky Sports News at 6. Live Mosconi Cup Pool. Sky Sports News. 6.00 8.00 7.00 2.00 11.30 3.30 3.40 3.50 12noon 9.00 5.00 10.30 8.00 9.00 6.00 6.30 11.00 UNIVERSAL TV 4.05 10.00 12.00 n 4.15 4.30 Sky 113 Virgin 137 12noon 2.00 7.00 10.00 The Case of Caylee Anthony. CSI: Miami. Major Crimes. NCIS. The Resident. Chicago Med. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. SKY PREMIER LEAGUE 5.00 5.30 6.00 RADIO 3 5.00 9.00 FM: 90.2-92.4MHZ UCI Sky 402 Virgin 512 6.30 9.00 Breakfast. Essential Classics. Composer of the Week: Saint-Saens. News. Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. Afternoon Concert. In Tune. In Tune Mixtape. Radio 3 in Concert. Brahms’s Piano Concerto No 1. Free Thinking. The career of writer Bessie Head. The Essay. Vinyl records. Late Junction. Through the Night. 10.00am 12noon Premier League Years. The Debate. Premier League Years. The Debate. PL Greatest Games. A New Life in Turin. PL Greatest Games. Premier League 100 Club. Soccer AM: The Best Bits. Premier League Review. Gillette Soccer Special. Match Choice. Premier League Highlights. 11.00 12.00 6.30 1.00 1.00 11.00 3.00 W 1.02 2.00 4.00 4.15 SONY CRIME CHANNEL 5.00 4.30 Sky 109 Virgin 125 7.00 Freeview 40 Sky 157 Virgin 193 5.00 6.00 6.30 12noon 1.00 3.00 Tipping Point. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. My Family. One Born Every Minute. Inside the Ambulance. My Dream Home. Inside the Ambulance. Sex, Knives & Liposuctio­n. 999 Rescue Squad. Inside the Ambulance. 7.30 12noon 1.00 Bizarre Murders. FILM: Criminal Instinct: A Colder Kind of Death. (2001) (15) Hustle. The Glades. Person of Interest. CSI: Crime Scene Investigat­ion. Hustle. CSI: Crime Scene Investigat­ion. Bizarre Murders. Deadly Women. 10.00 5.00 7.15 Front Row. 7.45 Gudrun. 8.00 In the Child’s Best Interests. 10.00 The World Tonight. 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Unsheltere­d. Arts news. 3.00 4.00 7.30 10.15 6.00 7.00 5.00 10.45 8.00 10.45 11.00 By Barbara Kingsolver. 6.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 9.00 Fergus Walsh reflects on ending the life of a critically ill child. 12.30 SKY FOOTBALL 10.00 11.00 11.00 Tudur Owen — Where on Earth Is Anglesey? 11.30 Today in Parliament. 12.00 News and Weather. 12.30 Book of the Week: Born Lippy. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. RADIO 5 LIVE 10.30 Sky 403 Virgin 513 YESTERDAY 9.00am 10.00 Football Years. Championsh­ip Season Review. One2Eleven — Damien Duff. One2Eleven — Markus Babbel. SPFL Greatest Games. Football’s Greatest Players. Football Countdowns. EFL Greatest Games. A New Life in Turin. Play-off Final Highlights. Football’s Greatest Players. MW: 693/909KHZ SYFY Freeview 19 Sky 155 Virgin 245 5.00 5.15 Morning Reports. Wake Up to Money. 5 Live Breakfast. Your Call. Anna Foster. Afternoon Edition. 5 Live Drive. 5 Live Sport. Premier League Football. Phil Williams. Up All Night. 8.40 In Touch. 9.00 All in the Mind. 9.30 The Life Scientific. Sky 114 Virgin 135 11.00 11.15 11.30 12noon 2.00 1.00 Time Team. Wild Africa. David Attenborou­gh’s Natural Curiositie­s. Wildest Africa. Viking Dead. Forbidden History. The World at War. Impossible Railways. Impossible Engineerin­g. Porridge. Open All Hours. 6.00 10.00 8.00am 1.00pm 11.00 Teleshoppi­ng. Merlin. Marvel’s Runaways. FILM: 2 Lava 2 Lantula. (2016) (PG) Marvel’s Runaways. Star Trek: The Next Generation. FILM: Sleepy Hollow. (1999) (15) FILM: Black Dog. (1998) (12) 9.00 1.00 2.00 12noon 12.30 1.00 3.00 4.00 8.00 10.30 4.00 5.00 Maggie Aderin-Pocock talks to Jim Al-Khalili about astronomy. 7.00 4.00 5.00 9.00 11.10 6.00 1.45 7.00 1.00 2.00 8.00 9.00 3.00 11.00 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . 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