Fish Farmer : 2019-11-05

Berlin – Nordic Ras : 52 : 52

Berlin – Nordic Ras

– Nordic RAS Berlin ARCTIC 52 52 www.fishfarmer­ challenge Brackish water RAS solution to cold water transfer ban B K E ,ovrud, managing director of inmark ased akse ord, said he is not an A nerd’, ut he is a convert to recircula ng aquacultur­e systems. Speaking on day one of the Nordic RAS seminar, held in Berlin in associa on with the A conference, ,ovrud outlined the challenges of farming in the Arc c and his compan ’s tailor made solu ons akse ord is a full owned su sidiar of ero Aurora, part of salmon giant ero ’s northern opera on ero operates in three areas in Eor way, producing an expected 190,000 tonnes for 2019. Leroy Aurora has about 27 licences at sea and is planning on producing 37,000 tonnes this year. Its salmon is branded Aurora Salmon, which is well known in the sashimi and sushi market, said Hovrud. akse ord has een in smolt produc on Below: Bjorn Hovrud at the Nordic RAS seminar

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