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Research – Masts Conference : 56 : 56

Research – Masts Conference

– MASTS conference Research BY KELVIN BOOT The MASTS ASM is the largest mee ng of its kind in ritain, a rac ng the cream of cotland’s ounger researcher­s Above: 56 www.fishfarmer­ Meeting of minds Aquacultur­e challenges being met by Scotland’s researcher­s T , Darine Alliance for cience and dechnolog for cotland DA d annual science mee ng has een a rac ng the cream of cotland’s researcher­s for the last nine ears dhe mee ng, the largest of its kind in the h , has a well earned reputa on for the ualit and uan t of its presenta ons ,eld again this ear at the hniversit of trathcl de’s dechnolog and nnova on entre in lasgow, it saw almost presenta ons and e posters presented over two da s, including in the plenar sessions and the specialist workshops dhe conference is where oung cottish scien sts can take their place among more esta - lished researcher­s, to present their findings, discuss them with their peers and share their work with academics, E Ks, government and industr dhe main topic areas ranged from decommissi­oning oil and gas pla orms, through the iolog and oceanograp­h of the deep sea, to the mul ple stressors in the cottish marine environmen­t dhere were also a num er of talks of direct relevance to the cottish a uaculture industr , some of which are summarised The lice problem ea lice and the damage the cause to farmed fish is never far from the minds of an one involved in cotland’s a uaculture sector Eumerous strategies to minimise infesta ons and poten al economic losses have een pursued, pre much since the first in loch farms opened in the s While there have een some successes in reducing the impacts of sea lice, the are s ll a ma or ug ear for operators and a concern for environmen­talists and regulators t should not e surprising that the impact of sea lice is also a topic of concern for the marine science communit in cotland a num er of pro ects, which add pieces to the igsaw pu le of understand­ing were highlighte­d at the DA d mee ng

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