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Multi Pump Innovation – Advertoria­l : 60 : 60

Multi Pump Innovation – Advertoria­l

Advertoria­l Multi Pump Innovation – FF 60 www.fishfarmer­ “ Above left: DW ’s aceDaster in use at a Dowi site in reland Above: dhe innova on of rim thrusters for the DW etDaster has a racted much interest from the fish farming communit MPI establishe­s firm foothold in Scottish aquacultur­e mamrket Leading robotic cage cleaning company invests in servicing its growing Scottish client base F OR more than a decade the cage cleaning technolog from Eorwegian firm DW Dul Wump nnova on has een recognised leading producers of farmed fish as eing the num er one in the market, evidenced the fact that over DW s stems are currentl emplo ed on fish farms of all si es worldwide With constant investment in its division to ring even greater speed and stronger technolog to its customers, DW ini all esta lished itself in this sector with the asic KE remote controlled s stem n the past two ears, it has introduced the hugel successful acemaster’ a high speed and user friendl remote controlled washing and clean ing ro ot that can remove all marine growth from fish cages in the impressive me scale of etween and minutes per cage depending on the state of the cage Alread proving its worth for some of the world’s top a uaculture companies, the acemaster con nues to e in strong demand, and some acemaster s stems have alread een delivered to farm sites in ever corner of the glo e, where the are producing ama ing results for their owners And, in its strateg to constantl provide cus tomers with more e cient and faster s stems, DW recentl added to its range with the exci ng new etDaster’ a rim thruster, eltless remote controlled ro o c cleaner dhe protot pe, which was launched amid much interest from the interna onal a uaculture industr at this ear’s A ua Eor, is currentl undergoing extensive trials and fine tuning of minor teeth ing pro lems’ in Eorwa , with the aim of eing availa le on the market in earl uch is the interest in the etDaster that several s stem units are alread on the pre order’ ooks from several leading fish farm companies Investing in Scotland’s aquacultur­e industry With cotland one of the fastest growing markets for DW ’s products, the compan is currentl in ves ng in a dedicated depot, parts warehouse and service engineers in ort William dhis programme of investment, and the forma on of DW cotland td as a registered compan , comes a out as a result of DW strengthen­ing its market share in cotland dhis includes the recent announceme­nt of a new service agreement with the cottish almon ompan to service all of its cleaning units, as well as a new service agreement with Dowi cotland to service out of its units DW has up un l now catered for the cottish and rish markets with service mechanics travelling from Eorwa , in addi on to a mechanic placed in ng land,’ explained DW K re D rv g ut to e in a posi on to serve the market e er, we are now changing the structure esta lishing a separate compan with an o ce, warehouse and uilding for parts stock in ort William and hiring local mechanics,’ he said dhe whole idea will reduce the lead me for the customers wai ng for replacemen­t parts and or a service engineer, he added dhe warehouse will stock most of the normal parts needed for DW e uip ment opera on and, reducing shipping me and customs clearance, this will greatl improve DW ’s service in cotland A similar set up was previousl esta lished DW in hile two ears ago and has proven to e a great success for customers there DW cotland td has now signed a contract to hire a countr manager in cotland with the successful candidate to e announced next month and, in addi on, DW Eorwa has permanentl transferre­d one of its service engi neers, Dark Doun ield, from ngland to e ased at ort William t is also envisaged that addi onal mechanics will e hired for the ort William ase efore the end of , with the interview process for candidates alread underwa The compan is currentl inves ng in a dedicated depot, parts warehouse and service engineers in ort William”

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