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Real Estate

COVERPROFI­LE WK Real Estate: A Tale of 3 Transactio­ns COVID continues to change many things in Boulder County real estate. (Photo courtesy: David Bremner/realvideot­our.com). Pandemic related home hurdles end in successful closings. competitiv­e offer, they still came in a disappoint­ing second. Not wanting her clients to become discourage­d, the agent counseled them to submit their offer in a “backup position” while she continued to watch the market for suitable new listings. The winning buyer had 10 days to resolve their inspection contingenc­y while the agent and her clients waited on pins and needles. On day nine, there was still no inspection resolution. Everyone held their breath. They were ecstatic on day 10 to hear that the first buyer cancelled their contract, moving theirs into the winning spot! They will close on their gorgeous dream home this month. This is a true story of excellent contingenc­y planning and tactics by a WK agent. She kept the clients positive, then identified and seized the back-up opportunit­y with minimal risk to her clients. In the end it paid off to back up! one-on-one, as well as groups to make sure they were not only familiar, but experts at the new work tools.” Leveraging the nimbleness of a small, locally and independen­tly owned company, the associates at WK Real Estate have helped make their clients’ home dreams a reality even in this challengin­g new business environmen­t. WK to the rescue for quarantine­d senior seller By Julie Kailus for At Home Colorado Another WK associate recently worked with a senior widow selling her home to move into a senior living community in Boulder. This lovely woman is very organized and capable, however she moved into her new environmen­t just days before Colorado’s full stay-at-home order. Once the order was enacted at the senior community, she was unable to leave the facility for any tasks related to the sale. That left WK’S agent in charge of selling, re-homing and donating remaining furniture and belongings; disposing of hazardous waste items and other things the buyer didn’t want; coordinati­ng sewer repair and inspection­s; as well as executing covert paperwork exchanges at the senior community’s air lock. Neither the client or agent could have anticipate­d how disruptive the pandemic would be for this type of A s a profession, Realtors® are lucky – they get to be part of their clients’ stories every day. Some are joyful, some are frustratin­g, and some are complicate­d, but anyone who has ever purchased or sold a home has a unique story to tell about their experience. After 44 years in business, the associates at WK Real Estate collective­ly have thousands of stories to tell. The pandemic has made these even richer. As COVID continues to change many things in real estate, some for the better, WK Real Estate has adapted to each and every challenge in 2020. “One of our strengths is our ability to pivot quickly and train our agents on new, relevant technology,” says Broker Owner Dan Kingdom. “When our work environmen­t shifted abruptly to completely remote processes, we had staff training agents When in doubt… back it up! A Denver-based WK associate assisted a young couple who currently own a home in a hot market in Texas. They hesitated to list that home, as they knew it would sell quickly and buying in the highly competitiv­e Boulder market can be challengin­g to win in multiple-offer situations. After many weeks of viewing Colorado homes, they found “the one”! Unfortunat­ely, six other buyers thought this home was also “the one”! Even after the WK agent helped the homebuyers put together their most 10 AT HOME COLORADO DAILY CAMERA / TIMES-CALL PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R Pressreade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW