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Tractor Talk

TRACTOR TALK 1942 INTERNATIO­NAL TD-18 CRAWLER It isn’t a big tractor but the relatively big and powerful 35 horsepower diesel gives it some serious juice. The rack up front isn’t an official CAST part but something Mercer built for working around the homestead. The tractor weighs about 2,500 pounds and has independen­t suspension on all four wheels, with a diff lock for both axles. Mercer says it rides about as well as a UTV, though the pan seat doesn’t help with comfort. It came standard with a 540 rpm, six-spline PTO and a Cat 1 three-point hitch that can lift about 1,000 pounds. It has a full 12-volt electrical system with lights. In 1971, the retail price for a 435L was $3,495, though $2,900 was the more realistic price. Power steering was a $340 option, but it inacslu7de,5d0th0ethd­yd-r1a8ulsic cf osrtt$h3e05war by itself. A weight pan cost $120 and a rear axle stiffener for attachment­s like loaders, backhoes and forklifts, was $31. 113 www.dieselworl­dmag.com MAY DIESEL WORLD I 2020 •