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Proudly Made In Florida

PROUDLY MADE IN FLORIDA 12-VALVE CUMMINS RAM 1500 The Pusher “SRT” Cummins 12v Cummins in an ‘03 SCSB 1500 Learn more online: pusher.tv ALL NEW 23 INTRODUCIN­G THE Deliver max air, lower EGTS, increase power capability and unlock better fuel mileage - all while knowing you have the strength and support of Pusher parts under your hood. Designed and built to last the lifetime of your truck. LEARN WHICH CONFIGURAT­ION IS RIGHT FOR YOU: VISIT PUSHERINTA­KES.COM or CALL 772.589.8385 pusherinta­kes.com 772.589.8385 Proudly made in Florida / pusherinta­kes Pusher Intakes does not manufactur­e and/or offer for sale any licensed products and is not affiliated, sponsored, or licensed by Ford Motor Company, GM, Chrysler, or any other major auto manufactur­er. PUSHER 6.7L POWERSTROK­E LINE